Handouts and Recordings Information


This year, ACHA is making available session handouts, in the form of PDFs of the slide presentations, to meeting attendees and their colleagues for a limited time only.

The window for accessing handouts has now closed. Please email kcrocker@acha.org with any questions.

Session Recordings

ACHA did not record 2019 Annual Meeting sessions, therefore those will not be offered for sale as in past years.

Why the Change?

ACHA underwent a review of policies, laws, and internal processes and determined that there is a risk of being liable for violations of copyright law for content used in presentations. We felt it was inappropriate to continue recording, selling, and publicly posting speaker’s session materials that had not been through a thorough review for proper use and citation of graphics, images, and content. With the hundreds of speakers involved in the ACHA meeting and the timing of when most of those presentations are completed, there is not currently a feasible option to review slides in advance.

ACHA did want to, however, make handouts available in a more timely manner than in past years by making materials available to those in attendance. ACHA will continue to evaluate these processes in coming years.


Need Assistance?

For technical assistance accessing the handouts, please contact Dani Monroe at dmonroe@acha.org.

For questions about the new process, please contact Lisa Pitrone at lpitrone@acha.org or Susan Ainsworth at sainsworth@acha.org.