The Future

Building for the Next 100 Years

One hundred years after its founding, ACHA represents over 1,100 institutions of higher education and the collective health, mental health, and wellness needs of 10 million college students. Now in our 100th year, we look to the future of college health and wellness and how our efforts today can lead to healthier campus communities.

We will continue to focus on building programs aimed at breaking down silos and connecting data, education, and people so we can better understand and better coordinate efforts to help the college student population.

ACHF Capital Campaign

Healthy Students: Our Gift to the Future

As we celebrate 100 years, we invite you to join our campaign to transform the future of student health and well-being. The American College Health Foundation seeks to create resources with life-enhancing potentials and programs to support the health and well-being of 19 million college students, and help college health workers adapt to our changing times. You can help us plant the seeds of success!

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