Spokesperson and Stationery/Logo Use Policies

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Those individuals who are authorized to speak on behalf of ACHA shall do so responsibly, recognizing that speaking on behalf of ACHA generally means to communicate or report authoritatively on: (1) published information that has been developed by ACHA, such as data, survey results, etc.; (2) actions and activities of ACHA; and (3) official positions or policies of ACHA as articulated in Board-approved resolutions or position statements. Commentary on matters outside of these areas should be identified by a spokesperson as opinion (based on one’s own experiences, observations, etc.) and not attributed to ACHA. Drawing a distinction between opinion and official ACHA views is especially important in speeches, media interviews, articles, letters-to-the editor, etc.

ACHA does not endorse or disparage persons, products, companies, or organizations, and those authorized to speak on behalf of ACHA are strongly discouraged from themselves expressing opinions of this nature, as those statements may be erroneously attributed to ACHA. Individuals designated to speak on behalf of ACHA are encouraged to cite any data, position statements, or other ACHA published information relevant to the topic. Not all situations can be anticipated in a written policy, and individuals must use their best judgment, understanding that the best interests of ACHA are paramount. Therefore, when faced with a situation or topic that is potentially controversial, the spokesperson should consult with the ACHA President or Executive Director prior to making further comments.

Logo Use

The ACHA stationery and/or logo (in print or electronic version) shall be used by officers and staff only, and shall not be used except with respect to matters of official ACHA business. The ACHA stationery and/or logo shall not be used without the written permission of the Executive Director. Individuals and organizations (public or private) wishing to use ACHA stationery and/or the logo must provide a written request for a one time only use. The request must state how/for what purpose the ACHA stationery and/or logo will be used, and provide sample materials sufficient enough to demonstrate the context in which the stationery and/or logo would appear. Each subsequent request must likewise be made in writing.