Salary and Staffing Survey

Take the guesswork out of determining competitive salary ranges and staffing patterns.

The ACHA Salary and Staffing Survey Report provides the data you rely on to determine your employees' salaries and staffing levels for your health service. The report is a detailed analysis of data collected through the salary and staffing survey.

This valuable resource:

  • is the only survey of its kind
  • provides the most recent information on salary and staff¬≠ing levels specific to the college health field
  • includes national and regional salary and staffing levels for approximately 50 positions
  • reports the ranges for salaries to include the minimum, 25th percentile, median, mean, 75th percentile, and maximum reported levels
  • presents all of this information according to several variables, including the type, size, location, and Carnegie classification of institutions

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Ordering Information

To order the report, please complete and submit an order form [pdf] by fax to 410-859-1510 or by email to

Report Pricing

Survey participants receive an additional discount on the cost of the report. Not sure if your institution participated? Contact


  • Institutional Members=$25
  • Non-members=$75


  • Institutional Members=$75
  • Individual Members at Non-Member Institutions=$100
  • Non-members=$200

Survey Details

The College Health Salary and Staffing Survey gathers the most recent information on salary and staffing levels from the field and is a continuation of the series of survey instruments that ACHA uses to formally gather data on college health practices. The survey report informs college health administrators on the head-count and full-time-equivalency for the full range of college health professional positions and their maximum, minimum, and mean compensation rates.

When summarized by several demographic characteristics (e.g., enrollment, regional affiliation, institutional control), these data can provide a framework for customary, comparative practices across the whole of the field. Additionally, these data will continue to assist ACHA in quantifying the overall contribution that college health makes to higher education. As with all ACHA benchmarking surveys, all data is kept confidential and summarized in aggregate form only. Individual institutional data will not be released.

If you have any questions or comments about this survey, please email ACHA Chief Research Officer Mary Hoban, PhD, MCHES, at

We thank all of those who participated in the survey.