Guide for Travel Health Practices

An Educational Partnership with Valneva

Published December 2022

With an increase in demand in study abroad programs and renewed enthusiasm for international travel, the American College Health Foundation (ACHF), with financial support from Valneva, saw the need for a comprehensive guide for colleges and universities as they build or enhance their campus travel health programs.

Institutions of higher education (IHEs) have increasingly adapted curricular and co-curricular programs to include more study abroad programs to enhance students’ global competencies. In 2018-19, there were over 19.7 million undergraduate and graduate college students in the U.S. (National Center for Education Statistics, 2022). This trend has fueled a sharp and growing rise in international travel by college students, faculty, and staff. Because of this rise, the need for quality travel health services for IHE travelers has increased significantly in the past two decades and should continue to grow. In response, travel health programs are becoming increasingly common in college health and well-being settings.


The American College Health Foundation (ACHF) Guide for Travel Health Practices at Institutions of Higher Education aims to assist IHEs in addressing the unique aspects and challenges of providing travel health services at college health and well-being programs. This guide focuses on topics that are (1) either unique or very common in IHE settings and/or (2) have not been widely dealt with in other publications. The ACHF Guide for Travel Health Practices is meant to be used by any staff involved in student, faculty, or staff travel abroad. This includes clinicians, student affairs administrators, pharmacists, faculty trip leaders and others.

Information can be found throughout the guide by using the detailed table of contents. Additionally, this guide includes:

- Topic-related appendices and checklists
- Traveler educational handouts
- Trustworthy resources

Sections and appendices are labeled to inform the reader of strictly clinical material versus material aimed at general audiences.

Special thanks to Valneva for their financial support of this project.



See below for a list of all appendices and handouts and direct links to each one.


Appendix A: Institutions of Higher Education Travel Health Services Gap Analysis Form

Appendix B: Example of a Pre-Travel Health Questionnaire

Appendix C: Traveler Contact Card and Traveler Health Care Card/Document

Appendix D: Travel Health Services for Last Minute Travelers: Counseling, Immunizations and Medications

Appendix E: Management Plan for College and University Travelers at Risk for Severe Allergic Reactions

Appendix F: Travel to High Altitude: Considerations for Institutions of Higher Education

Appendix G: Pre-Travel Considerations for Pregnant College and University Travelers

Appendix H: Pre-Travel Considerations for Breastfeeding College and University Travelers

Appendix I: Rabies Exposure During Travel

Appendix J: Information Needed for a Pre-Travel Assessment of Students on Non-IHE Affiliated Volunteer/Humanitarian Trips

Appendix K: Important Notes on the Pre-Travel Assessment of Older Travelers

Appendix L: Student Travelers with Insufficient Funds

Appendix M: Offering Travel Health Services at Small or Less-Resourced Campuses


Handout 1: Mental Health Checklist for: Traveling Students and Their Families/Significant Others

Handout 2: Discussing Private Healthcare or Accessibility Needs with a Study Abroad Advisor or Trip Leader

Handout 3: Dealing with “Culture Shock” and Homesickness during College/University Travel

Handout 4: Traveler Checklist for Pre-Travel Appointment with Your Mental Health Provider

Handout 5: Safety Tips for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Handout 6: Health Inequities and Marginalized Groups - A Review for Travelers

Handout 7: Responsible Travel and Ethical Considerations For College and University Travelers

Handout 8: Trip Leader Checklist: Responsibilities, Training and Preparation for College or University Sponsored Group Travel


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