Affordable Care Act Regulatory Update - January 2011:

01/14/11. ACHA continues to monitor developments on the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) and to help inform the Obama Administration regarding the impact of ACA provisions on college student health insurance plans. As policymakers continue to draft implementing regulations, we are encouraged that the Administration has sought input from ACHA and other higher education organizations, and has asked for information from ACHA on the contours of the college student health insurance market.

Please be assured that in the weeks ahead ACHA will continue its efforts on your behalf to obtain needed clarification from the Administration on the way that college student health plans fit within the emerging regulatory framework. ACHA will continue its efforts to ensure that the ability of institutions to offer high quality student health insurance coverage is preserved.

While there is still uncertainty regarding the time-frame in which sub-regulatory guidance or draft regulations will be released, we are hopeful that this guidance will be released relatively soon. In the interim, ACHA encourages school administrators responsible for student health plans to continue working in partnership with their insurance carriers on strategies to model plans during this period of uncertainty.