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ACHA supports and disseminates relevant research and evidence-informed knowledge on college health issues.

ACHA conducts several surveys on a variety of issues in order to gather data about the health of college students, and data from many of these past surveys are available. ACHA also has several services to help colleges and universities collect data about the health of their students and their health center operations.

ACHA-National College Health Assessment

ACHA-National College Health AssessmentThe ACHA-National College Health Assessment is a nationally recognized research survey that provides current, relevant, and precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. College students are a diverse yet distinct sub-population with their unique health risks and needs. Having current, relevant data about your students’ health can help you to enhance campus-wide health promotion and prevention services. Questions in this survey covers smoking habits, contraception use, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, sexual behaviors, exercise habits, preventive health practices, perceptions of drug and alcohol use, and more. The survey also addresses impediments to academic performance.

ACHA-Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service

The ACHA-Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service gauges patient satisfaction and provides insight into the quality and performance of a college or university health service. As a patient satisfaction measurement tool, the ACHA-PSAS can help your student health service support accreditation and track performance over time. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to compare survey periods to determine if your health center is meeting its goals and has improved. The survey provide results 24/7 so that you can monitor the ongoing assessment results and address patient dissatisfaction immediately.


Because having accurate data about the health of college students is an important goal for ACHA, the association conducts several surveys on a variety of issues. Benchmarking surveys add to the knowledge base of how student health services are funded, their scope of operations, and the degree to which services are used by the student/college population. Information from many of these surveys is provided to members so that they can use the data to design or improve their health services.

ACHA's Benchmarking Surveys include:

  • Clinical Benchmarking Survey
  • College Health Salary and Staffing Survey
  • Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Survey
  • Survey on College Health Facilities
  • and others!

Sexual Health Services Survey

This annual survey (formerly the Pap Test and STI Survey) collects data about sexual and reproductive health services on college campuses and serves as an important benchmarking tool regarding management strategies and data collection, as well as a means to assess educational efforts and compare health center services.