Participate in the CCHN

Are you interested in participating in the Connected College Health Network and gaining a deeper understanding of how your institution compares to other institutions like yours?

With access to CCHN, you be able to view your own school’s data, explore data for other colleges nationally, obtain data that supports you in your strategic decision-making, and analyze trends with campus health and wellness services. The first step in participating on the CCHN program is to become an ACHA institutional member.

How Your School's Data Will be Used

CCHN student-level data is de-identified by the institution before submitting to CCHN and is therefore not considered personal health information. Nonetheless, transmission and handling of student-level data is consistent with both HIPAA and FERPA. All CCHN data will be stored securely and shared only in aggregate in keeping with the Data Use Agreement. Identification of individuals is never possible. Data submitted to CCHN is protected and will be released to data users only in de-identified, aggregate form, with the exception of limited number of campus-level data elements submitted through the IPS that are publicly available and marked as “OPEN.” To see a listing of open data elements, click here [PDF].

Aggregate information can be viewed in the CCHN reporting platform according to various end-users types. If you don’t contribute you don’t get access to the data. Once you become an ACHA institutional member and would like to submit an Institutional Profile Survey for your institution, please contact Mary T. Hoban, ACHA Chief Research Officer, for your survey link.

By participating in the survey, you agree to have your school's data become part of a de-identified, national, aggregate data set, which will be used by researchers to examine health trends, prevalence, and related factors among college students across the nation. Participants who agree to contribute data to CCHN must complete and sign a Data Transfer Agreement [PDF].

For more details on data usage, refer to the Data Usage FAQs [PDF] and the Data Governance Policy [PDF].