Are you interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how your institution compares to other institutions like yours?

With access to the ACHA College Health and Well-Being Data Hub, you can view your own school’s data, explore data for other colleges nationally, obtain data that supports you in your strategic decision-making, and analyze trends with campus health and wellness services.

To get this exclusive access, your school must be an institutional member of ACHA, and you must complete the most recent Institutional Profile Survey.

Institutional Profile Survey

The Institutional Profile Survey (IPS) forms the foundation for the College Health and Well-Being Data Hub (“ACHA Data Hub”) and is required for participation in the ACHA Data Hub.

The goal of the IPS is to gather a complete picture about the institutional resources that support student health and well-being at ACHA Member Institutions on an annual basis for every academic year (July 1 – June 30). It may take between one hour to several hours of work to complete the IPS depending on how accessible some of the data is on your campus and the number of stakeholders required to fill it out. If you have all the information ready, the IPS data entry alone should take about 30 minutes to complete. Subsequent years will take less time as some of your information from the previous year will be pre-populated for you (with the ability to be updated). For more information about the IPS, please review the instructions and worksheets below. 

Every year in September, the representative member (RMI) of current ACHA Institutional Members (or the designated survey contact) will receive an email invitation, with a unique survey link for your institution, to complete the annual IPS. The email will contain:

  • A personalized link for your institution to the current IPS.
  • A PDF copy of the previous academic year’s IPS (if applicable).
  • A fillable worksheet(s) for Section A and Section B of the IPS to begin gathering and organizing your submission.
  • Information regarding any updates or changes to the IPS.
  • The deadline for completion.

If you do not receive an email invitation, please contact Kawai Tanabe, ACHA Senior Data Analytics Specialist, at

By participating in the survey, you agree to have your school's data become part of the ACHA Data Hub.

Instructions and Worksheets

Survey Timing

We understand that it can take a long time to gather all the data requested in the IPS. You may also find that you need to enlist the help of several different people from multiple departments to complete the IPS. We encourage you to begin work early to ensure that you are able to complete the IPS by the anticipated deadline of early December.

Survey Results

The data from IPS will be incorporated into the ACHA Data Hub and visualized in Microsoft PowerBI. For new members who meet the eligibility requirements, the RMI of eligible ACHA institutional members will receive access to the ACHA Data Hub in the second quarter of the following calendar year. For established members (those who already have Data Hub access), your ACHA Data Hub license is valid as long as your institutional membership stays active, and you complete the most recent release of the IPS by the deadline. If either of these requirements are not met, your license will be terminated.

Note: We are constantly adding new reports and functionality to the ACHA Data Hub. If you have any questions, please contact Kawai Tanabe at We welcome suggestions for data visualizations using IPS and NCHA variables.  

In the future, we will also offer the opportunity for ACHA institutional members to order customized reports.