CHWP Courses and Events


Program Requirements

Participants in the College Health and Wellness Professional (CHWP) certification program will complete seven core courses plus three electives. Courses will range in length from 60-90 minutes of instruction. The program is self-paced, so coursework and examination can be completed as your schedule permits.

Course Catalog

All courses are available as self-study and enrollees will receive information on how to access course materials upon acceptance into the program. There are no upcoming, optional live events scheduled at this time.


Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Participants will complete the following mandatory courses:

CP01. Introduction to College Health and Wellness
Provides an overview of the college health and wellness field. This course seeks to provide the fundamentals of working in the profession and explores the various elements of a college health and wellness program, including

Key Issues in College Health and Wellness
Explores critical issues facing college health and wellness professionals. Seeks to provide a wide overview of issues that impact the delivery of quality services, operational management, and operating within a university environment.

Value of College Health and Wellness
Explores how college health and wellness provides value from a 360-degree view of the student, the health and wellness function on campus, and to campus leaders. Evaluates how various stakeholders understand the value of college health and wellness and provides key concepts on how leaders can talk the language of value of these programs on campus.

CP02. Management and Leadership
This course explores the essential elements of management and leadership as they apply to college health and wellness. It explores how trust, power and relationship management form the basis of leadership excellence and provides tips to rising leaders on how to understand their own leadership styles to boost organizational performance.

CP03. Change Management
This course explores the recesses of change management and prepares college health professionals on how to successfully navigate change within their own environments. This program seeks to educate learners on why change fails in organizations and provides insights into human behavior that inhibits change. This course provides leaders with tools and strategies that they can use to ensure change success.

CP04. Building Teams
Teamwork makes the dream work. This course explores the importance of building high performing teams and evaluates strategies team leaders can deploy to ensure that teams are cohesive and efficient in delivering on their objectives.

CP05. Voice of the Customer and Service Excellence
This course explores the psychological, social, and emotional needs of our students, who are the ultimate customer of college health and wellness professionals. It explores their needs and expectations of service and what it means to provide customer service excellence. Additionally, this course explores customer service from the perspective of peer university units and leaders and how to ensure that college health and wellness professionals are meeting customer service demands of the greater campus

CP06. Financial Management
This course explores the financial management aspects of college health and wellness functions. It evaluates basic accounting issues related college health and counseling centers and strategic financial management issues that leaders must know when overseeing their various programs.

CP07. Marketing Programs and Services
Marketing services and programs to customers (both the student and other university professionals) is a crucial component of any college health and wellness program. If we “build it,” they will not come unless there is effective marketing in place to help stakeholders understand their importance and how they can benefit from the service. This course seeks to teach the basics of marketing programs and services and teach the techniques used to optimize the marketing of those programs.


Participants will complete three elective courses which may be available as online self-study, credit for previously attended webinars, specific sessions at ACHA annual meetings, etc. The current list of electives will be available to you in the learning management system upon enrollment.