Please note: This program is not currently accepting new applicants while under comprehensive review.  Details on this page will be updated soon.

College Health and Wellness Professional (CHWP) Certification Program

Why Participate?

The CHWP program brings together college health and wellness professionals in the areas of administration, clinical services, health promotion and wellness, and mental health. Participants will benefit not only from the expertise of the instructors, but also learn from each other, as the cohort navigates the diverse perspectives inherent in our work to discover foundational approaches to enhance our capacity as college health professionals.

CHWP courses reflect ACHA’s multidisciplinary approach to college health and wellness and provide a unique platform for a variety of professionals in our field to learn, grow, and exchange ideas with others who are also facing the challenges of providing high quality care to the college student population.

Participating in the CHWP gives you the opportunity to gain critical insight and leadership skills relevant to your area of expertise and enhances your ability to support your institution in fulfilling its mission.

Applications are now being accepted.

Steps to Earning the CHWP

  1. Submit an application.
  2. Upon acceptance, pay the program fee .
  3. Complete the required courses.
  4. Pass the online exam.


To be eligible for consideration for the CHWP certification program, applicants must...

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited institution of higher learning*, and
  • Be employed at a university with an active role in providing college health and wellness services.

Program Requirements

Completion of seven mandatory core courses plus three electives and passing of a final exam.


For complete details on course requirements, course descriptions, a calendar of live events and online sessions, visit CHWP Courses and Events . Content will be presented through self-study (live and recorded webinars and/or videos) as well as live events, including at the ACHA Annual Meetings.

Program Fee

The program fee is due upon acceptance of your application for enrollment and is payable via credit online. See Submit Program Fee/a>.

ACHA individual members at institutional member schools = $300
ACHA individual members = $400
Nonmembers = $700