New Online CE Programs Available!

The following sessions from the 2017 Annual Meeting are now available for online CE. If you are interested in more than one session, consider purchasing the full set of conference recordings for more cost-effective pricing.

ACHA Advocacy Series: Post 2016 Election Update*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Benchmarking Our Way to Better Outcomes: A Report from the ACHA Benchmarking Committee**

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   PsyCE: 1.0

Bringing GYT to Your Campus*

CHES: 1.0

CDC Immunization Update**

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0  

Concussion Management: From Return to Learn to Return to Play** 

CME: 1.5   

Do You Have the Right Tools in Your Tool Box? Grant Funding*

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Effective Health Promotion Strategies for Working with the Transgender Student Population**

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0   PsyCE: 1.0

Evaluation and Management of Concussions in the Student Health Center**

CME: 1.0  

Focus Groups in Health Education Practice: An Introduction*

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

The Gender Affirming Therapist: What You Need to Know to Meet the Needs of Trans College Students*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Hot Topics in Sexually Transmitted Infections** 

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5

Hot Topics: The 5 Ws of Evidence-Based Practice for Health Promotion Professionals**

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Implementing Healthy Campus 2020*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Integrating Vision Into Action (VIA) Into Professional and Program Development Strategies*

CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Marijuana Update 2015*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Measles Update 2015: Implications for the College Setting* 

CME: 1.5 

A Meningitis B Tabletop Exercise: The Santa Clara University Experience*

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0  

Mind the Gap: How college health services can use assessment to identify health disparities, health inequities, and barriers to accessing care*

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0  PsyCE: 1.0

The New CDC STD Treatment Guidelines in Action: A Case-Based Approach to STD Management in Young Adults**

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5  

The Outcomes of Medical Marijuana Policies on College Students**

CHES: 1.0  MCHES: 1.0  PsyCE: 1.0

Primary Care for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5

Reducing Health Disparities and Promoting Educational Equity in Higher Education: The Role of Health Promotion**

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Refresh Sleep Program: A Cognitive Behavior Therapy Online Sleep Program’s Impact on University Students**

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5

Resilience and the Student Experience: Building Grit and Perseverance in Our Students**

CME: 1.5  CHES: 1.5  MCHES: 1.5  PsyCE: 1.5

Sleep and the Student: Treating Sleep Disorders and Promoting Healthy Sleep**

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Supporting Healthy Bodies on Campus: Navigating Obesity, Eating Disorders, and Weight Bias**

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Taking Care of Yourself so You Can Take Care of Others: Cultivating Resilience among Counseling and Health Service Staff*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

To Bill or Not to Bill? That Is the Question**

CME: 1.5

University Response to Novel Viruses and Emerging Biological Threats: Lessons Learned**

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5

Update on Meningococcal Disease*

CME: 1.5     

Using Logic Models to Develop and Assess Health Education and Promotion Programming*

CME: 1.5   CHES: 1.5   MCHES: 1.5   PsyCE: 1.5

Working to the Top of Your License: Modernizing Nursing Protocols with Evidence-Based Practice** 

CME: 1.5

Zika Virus Update for College Health*

CME: 1.0   CHES: 1.0   MCHES: 1.0