ACHA-National College Health Assessment

NCHAThe ACHA-National College Health Assessment is a nationally recognized research survey that can assist you in collecting precise data about your students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. The ACHA-NCHA maps a wide range of health issues, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, sexual health, weight, nutrition, and exercise, mental health, personal safety and violence, impediments to academic performance, and more. ACHA Institutional Members receive reduced rates when they participate in this valuable survey!

ACHA-Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service

PSAS The ACHA-Patient Satisfaction Assessment Service gauges patient satisfaction and provides insight into the quality and performance of a college or university health service. As a patient satisfaction measurement tool, the ACHA-PSAS can help your health service support its accreditation, track performance, compare results to other health services, and quickly address patient satisfaction issues. ACHA Institutional Members receive a discount on the fees for this indispensable assessment service!

College Health and Wellness Consulting

ACHA’s College Health and Wellness Consulting can help you address a variety of college health related subjects, whether you are looking to create a business plan, develop a student health insurance/benefits plan, build new facilities, increase utilization, evaluate health programming, and more. If your health service is planning to move forward or make changes, ACHA Consulting can help guide your decision-making. 

Healthy Campus

ACHA's Healthy Campus provides a framework for improving the overall health status on campuses nationwide. Healthy Campus 2020 includes national health objectives for students and faculty/staff; an action model using an ecological approach; and a toolkit for implementation based on the MAP-IT (Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement and Track) framework. These tools and resources will help institutions of higher education determine which objectives are relevant, achievable, and a priority on your campus.