Joining one of these many listservs or discussion groups allows you to network with your colleagues in college health or your specific discipline. You can also stay up-to-date by signing up for free email bulletins from the listed organizations.

The following is a list of discussion groups and listservs for college health professionals.

ACHA Connect

This online member community for ACHA members helps you to connect with other members, participate in discussion groups, and share resources.  

ACHA Connect offers many user-friendly features including:

  • Online discussion with multiple options for viewing messages and participating in conversations according to your individual preferences.
  • Searchable member profiles with privacy options that allow members to decide exactly what information to share and with whom. You'll have instant access to your ACHA contacts!
  • Resource libraries that allow members to share documents and information with others. No special technical skills are required – it's a simple as attaching a document. You can even share large files without cluttering your inbox!
  • ...and much more!

Click here to get started! Questions or comments about ACHA Connect? Let us know by emailing

ACHA Listservs

To join the Student Health Service, Nutrition, or Health Promotion listservs, fill in the information on this page

Questions should be directed to the moderator, Aisha Ali, at


Other Discussion Groups

None of the groups listed below are official communication channels of the American College Health Association (ACHA). ACHA is unaffiliated with these groups and does not monitor or administer them in any way, nor does it endorse or accept responsibility for the content contained in or expressed via these communication platforms. The views expressed are personal to the participants and do not represent the corporate positions or statements of ACHA. No participant is authorized to speak corporately for, or on behalf of ACHA in these forums.

BASICS Google® Group

The purpose of this group is to provide a discussion space for professionals in the field of higher education who use BASICS on their campus to address high-risk alcohol use. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact group administrators at

The Campus Mindfulness Listserv

The Campus Mindfulness listserv (campusmindfulness@lists.pdx.­edu) is available to those with an interest in or responsibility for mindfulness programming at their colleges or universities. Share programming ideas, challenges, successes, etc. in an effort to promote mindful awareness among emerging adults on your campuses.

If you would like to subscribe, email Bob Liebman at

College Health Clinical Medicine Google® Group

This group is for individuals interested in college health clinical medicine to discuss issues relevant to providers in the college health community.


  1. To join the group, click here and create a Google account, or sign in if you already have a Google account and join the group.
  2. To post messages to this group, send an email to
  3. To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to

DRU Listserv (for university and/or college emergency management professionals)

The Disaster Resilient Universities (DRU) listserv is intended for university and/or college emergency management professionals to share information and engage in discussions and dialogues related to the profession and emerging issues around campus emergency management. The DRU listserv is hosted by the University of Oregon Emergency Management Program.

To subscribe, click here.

Faith-Based Institutions Listserv

This is a forum to address ethical and programming issues related to providing student health services at faith-based institutions. This forum is open to college health professionals at faith-based institutions as well as those who have an interest in these issues or who work on a campus with a significant presence of religion or faith issues among the students.

To join, send your name, email address, phone number, institution name and religious affiliation, and institution enrollment to Paul Myers, listserv moderator, at

GLMA Listserv for the LGBT Nursing Community

This is a forum to discuss social, professional, and networking topics of interest to LGBT nursing professionals as well as a place to exchange academic, research, and clinical practice related information of interest to LGBT nursing professionals. The discussion list is open to all, and affiliation or membership within GLMA is not necessary.

Subscribe and join the group by clicking here.

Health Education Directory (HEDIR)

This listserv, abbreviated HEDIR, is for professionals in health education. The HEDIR enhances communications among health educators.

Instructions: to join you must register as a site member at and request group membership.

Nurse Directors Google® Group

This group provides a place for nurse directors to communicate with other directors in their field to share, support, initiate, and expand ideas in a general forum. To register for the group, please click here.

Nursing Section Listserv

This listserv is a place for ACHA Nursing Section members to communicate and collaborate with each other. To join the group, send an email to

The Sexual Health List

The Sexual Health List is a place for discussion of all issues relating to sexual health education and clinical care. The primary focus is college health. Membership is open to all interested parties. This is the place to find how colleagues are applying the latest ASCCP guidelines, incorporating new technology in urine-based chlamydia and gonorrhea screening, exploring the use of PCR testing for HSV diagnosis or figuring out how to modify practices to better meet the need of transgender students. All these topics and more are fair game and welcome. The list is maintained at Wesleyan University.

To join:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Leave the subject field blank.
  3. Type in the body of the email: Subscribe sexualhealthlistserve

Or, you can subscribe via the website.

To modify your subscription, go to this page and login using your subscribed email address. You can, for example, elect to get all messages as they are posted or in a daily digest form.

The SHSaAMc Listserv

This listserv is for directors of student health services at academic medical centers.


  1. Send an email to
  2. Type in the body of the email message: Subscribe

After you are subscribed, you may then send emails to the list address,  Only list subscribers will be able to post to this list.

The Student Health Pharmacy Listserv

For the discussion of the issues that are faced by pharmacists in a college health care environment.


  1. Send an e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU.
  2. Leave the subject line blank.
  3. In the message, type in caps: SUBSCRIBE SHSRX-L
  4. All actual correspondence should be addressed to
  5. For questions, contact the mailing list owner,