Why join a coalition or committee?

  • Join forces with other college health professionals to address the diverse issues affecting the health of college students
  • Provide your unique expertise to help expand the influence of college health
  • Assist ACHA in promoting healthy campus communities and fulfilling its mission to advance the health of college students
To join a coalition:
Login to your account and select the "Preferences" tab.

To join a committee:
Please visit the committee's webpage and contact the chair.

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of our association.

By participating in one or more of the association's many groups listed below, you can directly impact the field of college health. These groups address a diverse range of exciting issues pertinent both to ACHA and to the health of college students, and they are vital instruments for the association's mission, work, and governance as well.

Members can easily join a coalition by logging in to their online account and selecting the coalition they wish to join. To join a committee or task force, please contact the chair or board liaison for that group. Committee and task force members are appointed by the ACHA President.

Board Advisory Committees

Standing Committees

Membership in these committees is designated by Article IX, Section 2 of the ACHA Bylaws.


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Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs CoalitionATOD
Campus Safety and Violence CoalitionCAMPUS
Community College Health CoalitionCOMM_COLL
Emerging Public Hlth Threats & Emergency Response CoalitionPANDEMIC
Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness CoalitionFACULTY_STAFF
Health Information Management CoalitionHIPAA
Historically Black Colleges and Universities CoalitionHBCU
Integrated College Health CoalitionINTEGRATE_HLTH
LGBTQ+ Health CoalitionLGBT
Sexual Health CoalitionSHECCC
Spirituality and Wellness CoalitionSPIRIT
Sports Medicine CoalitionSPORTS_MED
Student Health Insurance/Benefits Plans CoalitionSTI
Travel Health CoalitionTRAV_HLTH
Wellness Needs of Military Veteran Students CoalitionVETS

Task Forces