ACHA-National College Health Assessment Advisory Committee

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Please note: ACHA Regular Individual and Student members may be appointed by the ACHA President to Board Advisory Committees and Ad Hoc Committees (usually Task Forces) unless otherwise specified in the ACHA Bylaws. Associate members may not be appointed to these committees.


  • Serve as an advisory committee to support, expand, improve and promote the ACHA-NCHA survey instrument (and its resultant data set) as the leading assessment tool for determining the health status and health behaviors of college students.
  • Assist the ACHA national office in ways to broaden the visibility, dissemination, and sharing of data consistent with the research objectives in our new Strategic Plan.
  • Provide leadership in identifying ways and mechanisms that members, institutions, and scholars might leverage ACHA-NCHA data to advance the health of college students.
  • Complete the pilot process for ACHA-NCHA III and implement in Fall 2019.
  • Evaluate opportunities on how to report on well-being using the NCHA.
  • Evaluate opportunities for broader use of the NCHA with organizations such as the NCAA.
  • Develop a leadership succession plan that is inclusive of length of terms for each position and an action plan to ensure leadership continuity in the event of mid-term turnover. This plan will be presented to the ACHA board of directors by spring 2020.

Alyssa Lederer, PhD, MPH, MCHES
Tulane University

Board Liaison
Kevin Readdean, MSEd, LMHC 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Staff Liaison
Mary Hoban, PhD, CHES