Benchmarking Advisory Committee

If you would like to learn more about this group or have a question related to this topic, contact the chairpersons listed below.

Please note: ACHA Regular Individual and Student members may be appointed by the ACHA President to Board Advisory Committees and Ad Hoc Committees (usually Task Forces) unless otherwise specified in the ACHA Bylaws. Associate members may not be appointed to these committees.


Carlo Ciotoli, MD
New York University

Cheryl Flynn, MD
University of Vermont 

Board Liaison
Jessica D. Higgs, MD, FAAFP
Bradley University

Staff Liaison
Victor Leino, PhD

ACHA Benchmarking Committee Report: 2010 Survey on the Utilization of Student Health Services [pdf]

The ACHA Benchmarking Committee designed this survey to develop a database about the utilization of programs in Institutions of Higher Education that serve to advocate the health of students.

ACHA's National Survey on College Health Facilities [pdf]

Designed to capture information regarding the facilities used to support college health services that are administratively reportable to the college health service director.