Awards Advisory Committee

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Please note: ACHA Regular Individual and Student members may be appointed by the ACHA President to Board Advisory Committees and Ad Hoc Committees (usually Task Forces) unless otherwise specified in the ACHA Bylaws. Associate members may not be appointed to these committees.


  • Actively promote and encourage awards nominations throughout membership of the Association. Work with ACHA staff on strategies to engage committee, coalition, task force, affiliate, and section leaders; representatives of member institutions; board members; and the membership at large in nominating colleagues for recognition within the Association.
  • Maintain historical data of awards by Affiliate, Region, and Section to ensure appropriate diversity across geography and discipline.  Review this information for diversity (consistent with all aspects of ACHA’s non-discrimination policy).
  • Provide this information to the ACHA National Office (Attn: Devin Jopp) by Fall 2019 in order that the Executive Committee members traveling to Affiliate Meetings may share information to raise awareness and encourage awards nominations.
  • Coordinate and conduct evaluation of all ACHA award nominations received this next year.
    • Present options to the ACHA board of directors by Fall 2019 for an ongoing recognition program that highlights achievements throughout the year versus just once annually.
    • As a committee conduct an after-action report (AAR) on the awards process and the recognition celebration for use in planning for the next year. Submit the AAR to the Staff Liaison by September 30, 2019.
  • Develop a leadership succession plan that is inclusive of length of terms for each position and an action plan to ensure leadership continuity in the event of mid-term turnover. This plan will be presented to the ACHA board of directors by spring 2020.

Deborah Mathis, APN, CRNP, FACHA
University of Pennsylvania

Michael Huey, MD, FACHA
Emory University

Board Liaison
Edythe Cook, MPA 
American University

Staff Liaison
Carolyn Lesesane