ACHA Primer: Master Planning Calendars

This primer applies to the ACHA Board of Directors, chairs of ACHA committees, task forces, coalitions, and sections as well as the ACHA affiliate presidents.

These Master Planning Calendars are for use as a general guideline for planning conference calls and meetings that further the efforts and activities of each group on behalf of ACHA’s vision, mission and values. The calendars also provide timelines for other scheduled communications, mid-term and end of term reports to the Board of Directors and budget timelines as applicable.

Committees, task forces, coalitions, and sections each have an appointed Board of Directors member as their Board Liaison.  Board Liaisons speak on behalf of their appointed group(s) with the Board of Directors. Staff liaisons from the national office are also assigned to each of these groups. Staff liaisons can assist with coordinating communications, procedures and other administrative resources.  Contact information for each liaison is provided on the ACHA website.  Affiliates have a Regional Representative on the Board of Directors that represent them. There is also a national office staff liaison for affiliates. Please contact your liaisons or affiliate regional representative for assistance.  

For any questions concerning the Master Planning Calendars, please email

Downloadable Master Planning Calendars