Zoom Session Guidelines

Dear ACHA Volunteer Leaders:

A significant part of your service is connecting with your peers in the space of college health and wellness to exchange ideas, answer questions, innovate solutions, and advocate for positive change. To ensure that all service groups -- especially those with limited staff or resources -- have the capacity to reach their goals, ACHA encourages volunteer leaders to: 

1. Contact your institution's RMI to access a Zoom account suitable for ACHA activities or 
2. Set up a free email account (e.g., Google, Yahoo) to establish a service group Zoom account (free).

This allows your team to share communication and activities with ease, speed and flexibility that is limited when coordinating through the National Office. This format also allows vital service group information and materials to be smoothly transitioned from one generation of leaders to the next!

If for some reason your service group is unable to establish its own accounts, ACHA will gladly support Zoom meeting access, as follows:

Please contact your ACHA volunteer coordinator, Dawn Goodman, at dgoodman@acha.org to schedule your Zoom call(s), preferably at the beginning of the program year (June). Your group's chair or the affiliate president will be the team member whose name and email are linked with the event. They must inform the team’s ACHA staff liaison of the scheduled date/time of the Zoom call.

Once your Zoom session is scheduled, your participants must be provided the date, time, and access details (e.g., link, toll free dial-in number, pass code, etc.). How you do it depends on the size and composition of your group:

Small Group

When meeting with fewer than 20 participants and they are primarily within your group (e.g., your Board of Directors or your Program Committee), you should notify them via your standard email or internal form of communication.

Large Group

If you need to share with your entire membership base or to connect with other ACHA group members, use ACHA Connect.

Finally, if you choose to record the Zoom session, please remember to inform your participants that they are being recorded. If the call is recorded, a link to the recording will be made available, by request, within 48 hours.

Questions? Suggestions?

Feel free to email Dawn Goodman at dgoodman@acha.org.