ACHF College Well-Being Funding Opportunity

The Call for Applications for the 2024 awards cycle has CLOSED.
Submit an application by February 7, 2024.

The purpose of the American College Health Foundation’s (ACHF) College Well-Being Award Funding Opportunity is to offer up to two $3,500 awards to one or more institutions of higher education to create or improve underlying campus infrastructure (e.g., networks, resources, tools, structures, coalition-building) in a manner that raises the well-being of students as evidenced through creative programming and outcomes research initiatives.

The Foundation’s newest award embraces the focus on well-being, a more encompassing reference to the individuals, population, and environmental state of being. The Foundation believes it is time to apply fresh thinking on how we dedicate and apply our resources to positively impact the quality of our students lives. This new award in intended to stimulate creative, new approaches to well-being focused programming with evaluation driven measurable outcomes.

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Why well-being?

Merriam-Webster provides a definition:

Well-being - the state of being happy, healthy, or successful

Language tends to evolve to reflect our culture. The use of “well-being” can be found on college and university campuses as evidenced in professional titles and programs. This is a reflection of the changing nature of our students who seek something higher than good health. Furthermore, there appears to be momentum to increase measurement of happiness and flourishing more so than historical measures of health.

Aspirations for success and happiness are individual priorities expressed by contemporary students. It suggests, therefore that the strategies we employ to promote student well-being extend beyond traditional interventions of education, diagnosis, treatment, and health care at the clinical level. Through the collaborative efforts of health, academics, student affairs, and administrative colleagues, institutions of higher education can foster healthy environments and behaviors in ways that yield demonstrable feedback from students who report improvement in their well-being.

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