ACHF and Aetna Well-Being Projects

The American College Health Foundation, with support from Aetna Student Health, has embarked on a multi-year project to explore well-being on college and university campuses. This project aims to examine the current state of the emerging field of well-being, including innovative approaches and strategies to promoting and measuring well-being across all campus constituencies, including faculty, students, and staff.

Framing Well-Being in a College Campus Setting: A Partnership with Aetna Student Health

December 2019

The American College Health Foundation, with generous sponsorship from Aetna Student Health, has published a white paper entitled "Framing Well-Being in a College Campus Setting." The purpose of this project was to examine the state of the field of well-being at a diverse sample of institutions of higher education. Looking at well-being initiatives through the lens of both student and employee stakeholders, the researchers reveal new trends in creating cultures of care on campus. This paper presents major themes, lessons learned, and questions for the future of well-being and is appropriate for campuses looking to explore the transition from a health and wellness paradigm to a more holistic approach to campus well-being. 

Download a free copy of the whitepaper [pdf].

Measuring Well-Being In A College Campus Setting: A Partnership with Aetna Student Health

Coming soon!

Building on the work featured in the "Framing Well-Being in a College Campus Setting" white paper, the American College Health Foundation is collaborating with Aetna Student Health on an innovative project tentatively entitled "Measuring Emotional Well-Being in a College Campus Setting”.

In the Fall of 2020 and Spring of 2021, ACHF is piloting a recently developed online survey tool. The survey features validated and reliable measures of emotional well-being. The Emotional Well-Being questions are assessing the dimensions of: Community & Belonging, Coping & Stress Management, Purpose & Meaning and Subjective well-being and are designed to assess students, staff and faculty. This tool is the first instrument of its kind designed for use with faculty, staff and students and will enable institutions to take a whole campus approach in using shared measures and collecting data related to emotional health. A report of the findings is expected by June 2021.

Webinar: Measuring Emotional Well-Being: Taking a Whole-Campus Approach 

Recorded May 12, 2021

View slides here.

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