ACHF Funding Opportunity Recipients

ACHF Student Travel Awards

This funding opportunity provides partial funding support for travel and hotel expenses for one or more students to travel to the ACHA Annual Meeting. Click for more information.

2023 Funding Recipients:

Isabella Gow, MPH, University of Michigan
Lauren Heiberg, University of California, Los Angeles

2022 Funding Recipients:

Melissa N. Rosenthal, BSPH, Tulane University
Thomas Stewart, MPH, University of Virginia

2021 Funding Recipients:

Megan Williams, MPH, CHES, University of Alabama

2020 Funding Recipients

Orianna Camargo, Barry University
LiJing (Austin) Lin, University of Rochester
Natalee Wheeler, Montana State University
Chantal Izaguirre, Western Kentucky University
Anastasia McAdams, Western Kentucky University

2019 Funding Recipients:

Leah Adent, The University of New Mexico
Carmen Ayes, Lipscomb University
Brenna Fitzmaurice, Montclair State University
Amanda Larsen, Wayne State University

2018 Funding Recipients:

Samantha Clark, Montana State University-Bozeman
Amy Gatto, University of South Florida-Tampa
Keriann Granato, Western Kentucky University
Dolores Mancha, California State University-San Bernardino
Isabella Parise, Tulane University
Charlotte Pillow, University of Rochester
Gregor Rafal, University of South Florida-Tampa

2017 Funding Recipients:

Stacey Griner, University South Florida
Krystalyn Martin, University of Rochester
Morgan Travis, North Carolina State University

2016 Funding Recipients:

Tristan Ford, University of Rochester

2015 Funding Recipients:

Rebecca Bergman, University of Rochester
Justin Zeien, Arizona State University
Loraine Wilson, Kansas State University
Taegan Shields, University North Dakota

ACHF College Well-Being Funding Opportunity

The ACHF College Well-Being Award Funding Opportunity provides funding to one or more institutions of higher education to create or improve underlying campus infrastructure (e.g., networks, resources, tools, structures, coalition-building) in a manner that raises the well-being of students as evidenced through creative programming and outcomes research initiatives. Click for more information.

2023 Funding Recipients:

Centre College — “Well Centred — Nature Is Medicine”
Project Director: Ashley Hinton, MS, MPH

Michigan State University – “SWAN (Student Wellbeing Activator Network): Empowering the student voice and experience through creation of one inclusive and sustainable health and wellbeing student advisory”
Project Director: Kristin Traskie, MPH

2022 Funding Recipients:

Bowling Green State University – "BGSU College Well-Being"
Project Director: Faith DeNardo, PhD, CHES

Rowan University – "Mental Health During the Transition to College: Prospective Longitudinal Research to Identify Predictors and Test Etiological Theory
Project Director: Nicole Kelso, PhD Candidate

Southern Connecticut State University – "The Mindful Owl Initiative"
Project Director: Melissa Lopez, RN, BSN, MPH

2021 Funding Recipients:

Pratt Institute – "The Art of Well-Being: Student Leadership Course Development"
Project Directors: Rhonda Schaller, MPS, MBSR, and Jasmine Cuffie

The New College of Florida – "Engaging Students and the New College Community in ‘Surviving and Thriving’ During and After the Pandemic Crisis"
Project Director: Susan Stahley, MSW

2020 Funding Recipients:

Princeton University – "Toward A Multidimensional Assessment of College Student Health Engagement: Its Influence on Health, Healthcare, and Well-being in a University Setting"
Project Director: Pasquale G. Frisina, PhD

University of California, Riverside – "Creating Well-Being Learning Environments
Project Director: Julie Chobdee, MPH

2019 Funding Recipient:

McDaniel College – "A Community Response to Race-Based Stress/Trauma"
Project Director: Heidi Huber, LCSW-C, Director of the Wellness Center

University of the Sciences – "Together we Thrive: USciences Whole Campus Well-Being Infusion"
Project Director: Heidi Freeman, PhD, Assistant Dean of Students for Health and Wellness

Kathy Mac Nurse Scholar Travel Funding Opportunity

ACHF, through the Kathy Mac Scholar Fund, offers funding to partially offset meeting registration, hotel, and travel expenses for one nurse or nurse practitioner, who has never been to an ACHA meeting, to attend the ACHA Annual Meeting. Click for more information.

2023 Funding Recipients:

Emily DeMartino, DNP, APRN, NP-C, Mount Holyoke College

2022 Funding Recipients:

Monique A. Motte, RN, BSN, Barry University

2021 Funding Recipients:

Hanan Kallash, FNP-BC, MS, MSN, Shenandoah University

2020 Funding Recipients:

Kimberly D. Manning, RN, BSN, Ohio Northern University

TKoster’s Charitable Innovated Health Care Award

The TKoster’s Charitable Innovated Health Care Award was established by Teresa Koster to support efforts to provide quality health care for students. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to student health centers and their staff for the development of innovative practices that improve access to quality health care for students. Click for more information.

2022 Funding Recipient

Illinois State University – "Exercise is Medicine on Campus: Perspectives and Outcomes of a Referral-Based Physical Activity Intervention”
Project Director: Kristen M. Lagally, PhD, FACSM

Gallagher Koster Innovative Practices in College Health Award

This award provided financial support to student health centers and their staff for the development of innovative practices that improve access to quality health care for students. In 2021, it was re-named the "TKoster’s Charitable Innovated Health Care Award".

2020 Funding Recipient:

Carleton College – "Bringing Well-Being into Carleton Learning Environments"
Project Director: Janet Lewis Muth, MPH, MCHES

2019 Funding Recipient:

Appalachian State University – “Behavioral Health Consultants: Supporting College Student Health”
Project Director: Dykes Taylor Rushing, BA, MD, Director, Student Health Services

2018 Funding Recipient:

Clarion University of Pennsylvania - “Elevating a Community to Wellness: An Evidence-Based Approach”
Project Director: Stephan M. Brooks, MPH, PAPHS, Coordinator of Health Promotions and Alcohol and Other Drugs Program

2017 Funding Recipient:

University of Texas, Austin - “Changing Patients, Changing Practices: Connecting with Transgender Students Through Telemedicine”
Project Director: David Vander Straten, MD, Medical Director, University Health Services

2016 Funding Recipient:

University of Hawaii – “No Shame, No Blame – Encouraging Help-Seeking Behaviors Young Males”
Project Director: Sulma Gandhi, DBA, Hilo Project Director

2015 Funding Recipient:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago - “College Health and Counseling Services as Essential Champions for Transgender Students”
Project Director: Joseph Behen, PhD, Executive Director

2014 Funding Recipient:

University of California, Riverside - "Autism 101"
Project Director: Dr. Jan Blacher

2013 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
University of New Mexico - "College Mental Health Services for Distance Learners"
Project Director: Stephanie D. McIver, PhD, Director, Counseling Services

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Kentucky - "Effects of a Brief Educational Intervention on LGBT Health at a University Health Center"
Project Director: Brandy Reeves, MPH, CHES, Health Education Coordinator

2012 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
Columbia University - "Mapping Healthy Columbia: An Interactive Tool"
Project Director: Michael McNeil, EdD, MS, CHES, FACHA, Director, Alice! Health Promotion

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Bridgeport - "Targeting Obesity on a College Campus through a Healthy Monday Campaign"
Project Director: Melissa Lopez, RN, BSN, MPH, Director, Student Health Services

2011 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health  
Luther College - "Luther College Health Service and Counseling Service Video Project"
Project Director: JoEllen Anderson, RN, ARNP, Director of Student Health Service

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
The Ohio State University - "Characterization of Hemoglobin A1c in a College Student Population: A Pilot Study"
Project Director: Judy Hild, MS, MBA, Senior Manager, Healthcare Allied Services

2010 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
New York University - “Take Care NYU: A Comprehensive Framework to Improve Student Health at NYU”
Project Director: Carlo Ciotoli, MD, PMA

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Georgia - “I Know How Project”
Project Director: Gayle M. Robbins, PhD

2009 Funding Recipients:

University of Bridgeport – “The Art of Balancing”
Project Director: Melissa Lopez, BSN, MPH, Director of Student Health Services

Framingham State College - “Project Cosmo”
Project Director: Pamela Lehmberg, NP

2008 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
University of Alabama - “A Comprehensive Weight Management Program to Reduce the Incidence of Obesity at the University of Alabama”
Project Director: Lori Greene, MS, RD, LD, Coordinator of Nutrition Education & Health Services  

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
Rutgers University - “The Influence of Culture and Family on Female Body Perception and Obesity”
Project Director: Dorothy Kozlowski, NPC, MSN, Director, Willets Health Center

2007 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
Iowa State University - "Experience Design for Student Health Center"
Project Director:  Debra Satterfield, MFA

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Iowa Student Health Service - "Enhancing International Students' Access to Appropriate Health Care"
Project Directors: Gayle Nelson, MS, RN, BC and Mary Khowassah, MD

2006 Funding Recipients:

Pine Manor College - "A Campus Based Program to Reduce the Incidence of Obesity in Women of Color at Pine Manor College"
Project Director: Carole Worsh, APRN-BC, ANP, Director of Health Services

University of Michigan - "Educational Program to Assist International College Students in Deciding about Treatment for Latent TB Infection"
Project Director: Carol Tucker, MPH

2005 Funding Recipient:

University of Central Florida - "Evaluation of Web-Based Triage Referrals for Emergent or Immediate Care in College Students"
Project Director: Patricia Stuart, BSN, ARNP

2004 Funding Recipients:

Carroll College - "Assessing Students Needs for the Development of a Comprehensive Health Program"
Project Director: Pamela Pinahs-Schultz, PhD

Georgetown University - "Evaluating the Impact of an Online Health Resource"
Project Director: Anjali NC Downs, Health Promotion Counselor

Weiss Writing Prize

The Weiss Writing Prize is awarded to the lead author of a pivotal publication in college mental health. The winning article demonstrates a successful student retention program for those with mental health issues. The program provides creative, innovative solutions that could be implemented on other campuses. Preference is given to articles published in the Journal of American College Health (JACH). Click for more information.

2023 Funding Recipient:

"Mental Health in College Populations: A Multidisciplinary Review of What Works, Evidence Gaps, and Paths Forward” published in Higher Education: Handbook of Theory & Research
Author: Sara Abelson, PhD, MPH, Research Assistant Professor and Senior Director, The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice, Temple University

2019 Funding Recipient:

“The Effects of Stigma on Determinants of Mental Health Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Male College Students: An Application of the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model”
Author: Rita DeBate, PhD, MPH, Associate Vice President for Health & Wellness; Professor, College of Public Health, University of South Florida 

2015 Funding Recipient:

“Implementing an Audience-Specific Small-Group Gatekeeper Training Program to Respond to Suicide Risk Among College Students: A Case Study”
Author: M. Dolores Cimini, PhD, University at Albany 

2013 Funding Recipient:

 “The Impact of Experiential Exercises on Communication and Relational Skills in a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper-training Program for College Resident Advisors”
Author: Susan D. Pasco, PhD, Syracuse University

2012 Funding Recipient:

  “Sleep Patterns and Predictors of Disturbed Sleep in a Large Population of College Students”
Author: J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of St. Thomas

2011 Funding Recipient:

  “Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in the University Student Population”
Author: Russ Federman, PhD, ABPP, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services, University of Virginia

ACHF Healthy Campus 2020 Award

2018 Funding Recipient:

University of California, Riverside - “UC Riverside Healthy Campus Initiative”
Project Director: Julie Chobdee, MPH, Wellness Program Manager/Healthy Campus Initiative Co-Chair

2017 Funding Recipients:

St. Norbert College – “Building a Culture of Health at St. Norbert College”
Project Director: Chrystal Woller, BSN, RN, Senior Director of Health and Wellness

University of Toronto – “Community of Champions – Creating a Healthier Campus”
Project Director: Judy Voderbrugge, RN, Community Health Coordinator

2016 Funding Recipients:

Elon University – “Jumpstarting a Multi-Year Health Promotion Project”
Project Director: Professor Amanda Tapler

Stanford University – “Student Mini Grants: Thrive at Stanford”
Project Director: Carole Pertofsky, MEd

2015 Funding Recipients:

Finger Lakes Community College – “Healthy Campus 2020: A Community College Collaboration”
Project Director: Karen Stein, RN, MS, Director Student Health Services

Grinnell College – “Fruit Forward!”
Project Director: Jennifer Jacobsen, MA, MPH, Wellness Director

2014 Funding Recipient:

Savannah State University – "SSU Sexual Violence Prevention Project"
Project Director: Jacqueline Awe, LMSW, Director of Student Development

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Initiatives in College Mental and Behavioral Health Award

2014 Funding Recipient:

Southern Illinois University – “Saluki Relaxation Station (Stress Lab)”
Project Director: Michelle McLernon, MSEd

2013 Funding Recipient:

University of St. Thomas – “The Sleep Squad: A Personalized Sleep Intervention Program"
Project Director: J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD

2012 Funding Recipient:

The Ohio State University – “Shift”
Project Director: Constance S. Boehm, Director, Student Wellness

2011 Funding Recipients:

Stanford University – “The Pursuit of Happiness and Health: Strengthening Mental Health and Campus Unity at Stanford University”
Project Director: Carole Pertofsky, MEd, CHES

University of Wisconsin-Madison – “Primary Care Behavioral health: A Model for Training University Health Center Staff”
Project Director: Alex Faris, PhD

2010 Funding Recipient:

Syracuse University – "Integrating Behavioral Health Providers into a University Health Service: Is it a Good Idea?"
Project Directors: Jennifer Funderburk and Cheryl Flynn

University of Minnesota – "Stamp Out Stigma: An Awareness Campaign Coupled with Student Training to Improve Mental Health on Campus"
Project Director: Gary Christenson, MD

2009 Funding Recipients:

Rice University – "Campaign to Raise Resiliency at Rice"
Project Director: Emily Page, Director, Wellness Center

The College of St. Catherine – "The Soul of Resilience"
Project Director: Amy M. Kelly, MD, MPH, Director, Health and Wellness Center

2008 Funding Recipients:

Montana State University – "Our Veterans, Our Students, Our Concerns"
Project Director: Darla Tyler-McSherry, Health Educator

University of Minnesota – "Stamp Out Stigma: Awareness and Training to Reduce the Stigma Associated with Mental Health Concerns
Project Director: Gary Christenson, Director, Mental Health Clinic

Aetna Student Health Award

ACHF offered this award to support the creation of novel wellness solutions and programs that address issues specifically related to the overall well-being of college students. The objective of this award opportunity is to cultivate leading-edge approaches that address and encourage students to take an active role in their own physical well-being and disease prevention.

2015 Funding Recipient:

Berry College – “Berry College Student Wellness App Development”
Project Director: Anita Errickson, RN, Director, Health and Wellness Center

2014 Funding Recipient:

West Virginia University – “Enhancing Student Well Being at West Virginia University”
Project Director: Colleen Harshbarger, MS, Director, WELLWVU

Student Health 101 Health Promotion Award

ACHF in conjunction with Student Health 101 provided funding to support new efforts to improve and promote health education programs on college campuses.

2015 Funding Recipient:

Hampshire College – “Hampshire Quits”
Project Director: Jordan Perry, MPH, CHES, Director of Wellness Promotion

2014 Funding Recipient:

Boston University – “The Condom Fairy Program”
Project Director: Katharine Mooney, MPH, CHES

Stephan D. Weiss Student Mental Health Award

2023 Funding Recipient:

The University of Alabama – “Envisioning Improved Mental Health for Underrepresented College Students”
Project Director: Kayla Seals, Undergraduate Research Assistant

2015 Funding Recipient:

University of California-Los Angeles – “The Happiness Challenge – Online Wellness Education Program”
Project Director: Leslie Rith-Najarian, Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology

2014 Funding Recipient:

Loyola University – Chicago – “A Meta-Analytic Review of Outcome Research on Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Programs for At-Risk Higher Education Students”
Project Director: Jenna Shapiro, Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology

FirstRisk Advisors Initiatives in College Mental/Behavioral Health Award

FirstRisk Advisors, through ACHF, offered this award to fund the development of creative initiatives that address prevention, early intervention, and treatment for mental and behavioral health disorders among students. The goal of these initiatives is to reduce the risk of mental and behavioral illness and injury among college students and to enhance both individual and community health as a strategy to support student learning.

2021 Funding Recipients:

Appalachian State University – "Enhancing Mental Well-being Through Online Gaming Communities"
Project Directors: Elisabeth Cavallaro, MPH, CHES, and Alex. F. Howard, DrPH

2019 Funding Recipient:

University of Wisconsin-Platteville – “University of Wisconsin-Platteville Wellness Walk”
Project Director: Deirdre Dalsing, MA, NCC, LMHC, LPC, Director of Counseling Services

2018 Funding Recipient:

University of South Carolina - “Hear Me Out” Mental Health Matters”
Project Director: Jackie Knight, MPH, CHES, Assistant Director for Healthy Carolina Initiatives

2017 Funding Recipient:

Kennesaw State University - “Staying Healthy in Nursing School”
Project Director: Sherry Grable, MEd, MCHES, Director, Center for Health Promotion & Wellness

2016 Funding Recipient:

Tarleton State University - “Whole Texans”
Project Directors: Dr. Stephanie Robertson and Bridgette Bednarz

2015 Funding Recipient:

University South Carolina - “Your Mind Matters”
Project Director: Jennifer Myers, MA, BS, Assistant Director, Campus Mental Health Initiative