ACHF Funding Opportunity Recipients

ACHF Healthy Campus 2020 Award

2018 Funding Recipient:

University of California, Riverside - “UC Riverside Healthy Campus Initiative”
Project Director: Julie Chobdee, MPH, Wellness Program Manager/Healthy Campus Initiative Co-Chair

2017 Funding Recipients:

St. Norbert College – “Building a Culture of Health at St. Norbert College”
Project Director: Chrystal Woller, BSN, RN, Senior Director of Health and Wellness

University of Toronto – “Community of Champions – Creating a Healthier Campus”
Project Director: Judy Voderbrugge, RN, Community Health Coordinator

2016 Funding Recipients:

Elon University – “Jumpstarting a Multi-Year Health Promotion Project”
Project Director: Professor Amanda Tapler

Stanford University – “Student Mini Grants: Thrive at Stanford”
Project Director: Carole Pertofsky, MEd

2015 Funding Recipients:

Finger Lakes Community College – “Healthy Campus 2020: A Community College Collaboration”
Project Director: Karen Stein, RN, MS, Director Student Health Services

Grinnell College – “Fruit Forward!”
Project Director: Jennifer Jacobsen, MA, MPH, Wellness Director

2014 Funding Recipient:

Savannah State University – "SSU Sexual Violence Prevention Project"
Project Director: Jacqueline Awe, LMSW, Director of Student Development

ACHF Student Travel Awards

2018 Funding Recipients:

Samantha Clark, Montana State University-Bozeman
Amy Gatto, University of South Florida-Tampa
Keriann Granato, Western Kentucky University
Dolores Mancha, California State University-San Bernardino
Isabella Parise, Tulane University
Charlotte Pillow, University of Rochester
Gregor Rafal, University of South Florida-Tampa

2017 Funding Recipients:

Stacey Griner, University South Florida
Krystalyn Martin, University of Rochester
Morgan Travis, North Carolina State University

2016 Funding Recipients:

Tristan Ford, University of Rochester

2015 Funding Recipients:

Rebecca Bergman, University of Rochester
Justin Zeien, Arizona State University
Loraine Wilson, Kansas State University
Taegan Shields, University North Dakota

Aetna Student Health Award

2015 Funding Recipient:

Berry College – “Berry College Student Wellness App Development”
Project Director: Anita Errickson, RN, Director, Health and Wellness Center

2014 Funding Recipient:

West Virginia University – “Enhancing Student Well Being at West Virginia University”
Project Director: Colleen Harshbarger, MS, Director, WELLWVU

FirstRisk Advisors Initiatives in College Mental/Behavioral Health Award

2018 Funding Recipient:

University of South Carolina - “Hear Me Out” Mental Health Matters”
Project Director: Jackie Knight, MPH, CHES, Assistant Director for Healthy Carolina Initiatives

2017 Funding Recipient:

Kennesaw State University - “Staying Healthy in Nursing School”
Project Director: Sherry Grable, MEd, MCHES, Director, Center for Health Promotion & Wellness

2016 Funding Recipient:

Tarleton State University - “Whole Texans”
Project Directors: Dr. Stephanie Robertson and Bridgette Bednarz

2015 Funding Recipient:

University South Carolina - “Your Mind Matters”
Project Director: Jennifer Myers, MA, BS, Assistant Director, Campus Mental Health Initiative

Gallagher Koster Innovative Practices in College Health Award

2018 Funding Recipient:

Clarion University of Pennsylvania - “Elevating a Community to Wellness: An Evidence-Based Approach”
Project Director: Stephan M. Brooks, MPH, PAPHS, Coordinator of Health Promotions and Alcohol and Other Drugs Program

2017 Funding Recipient:

University of Texas, Austin - “Changing Patients, Changing Practices: Connecting with Transgender Students Through Telemedicine”
Project Director: David Vander Straten, MD, Medical Director, University Health Services

2016 Funding Recipient:

University of Hawaii – “No Shame, No Blame – Encouraging Help-Seeking Behaviors Young Males”
Project Director: Sulma Gandhi, DBA, Hilo Project Director

2015 Funding Recipient:

School of the Art Institute of Chicago - “College Health and Counseling Services as Essential Champions for Transgender Students”
Project Director: Joseph Behen, PhD, Executive Director

2014 Funding Recipient:

University of California, Riverside - "Autism 101"
Project Director: Dr. Jan Blacher

2013 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
University of New Mexico - "College Mental Health Services for Distance Learners"
Project Director: Stephanie D. McIver, PhD, Director, Counseling Services

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Kentucky - "Effects of a Brief Educational Intervention on LGBT Health at a University Health Center"
Project Director: Brandy Reeves, MPH, CHES, Health Education Coordinator

2012 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
Columbia University - "Mapping Healthy Columbia: An Interactive Tool"
Project Director: Michael McNeil, EdD, MS, CHES, FACHA, Director, Alice! Health Promotion

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Bridgeport - "Targeting Obesity on a College Campus through a Healthy Monday Campaign"
Project Director: Melissa Lopez, RN, BSN, MPH, Director, Student Health Services

2011 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health  
Luther College - "Luther College Health Service and Counseling Service Video Project"
Project Director: JoEllen Anderson, RN, ARNP, Director of Student Health Service

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
The Ohio State University - "Characterization of Hemoglobin A1c in a College Student Population: A Pilot Study"
Project Director: Judy Hild, MS, MBA, Senior Manager, Healthcare Allied Services

2010 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
New York University - “Take Care NYU: A Comprehensive Framework to Improve Student Health at NYU”
Project Director: Carlo Ciotoli, MD, PMA

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Georgia - “I Know How Project”
Project Director: Gayle M. Robbins, PhD

2009 Funding Recipients:

University of Bridgeport – “The Art of Balancing”
Project Director: Melissa Lopez, BSN, MPH, Director of Student Health Services

Framingham State College - “Project Cosmo”
Project Director: Pamela Lehmberg, NP

2008 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
University of Alabama - “A Comprehensive Weight Management Program to Reduce the Incidence of Obesity at the University of Alabama”
Project Director: Lori Greene, MS, RD, LD, Coordinator of Nutrition Education & Health Services  

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
Rutgers University - “The Influence of Culture and Family on Female Body Perception and Obesity”
Project Director: Dorothy Kozlowski, NPC, MSN, Director, Willets Health Center

2007 Funding Recipients:

Innovative Practices in College Health
Iowa State University - "Experience Design for Student Health Center"
Project Director:  Debra Satterfield, MFA

Innovative Practices in Culturally Competent Health Care
University of Iowa Student Health Service - "Enhancing International Students' Access to Appropriate Health Care"
Project Directors: Gayle Nelson, MS, RN, BC and Mary Khowassah, MD

2006 Funding Recipients:

Pine Manor College - "A Campus Based Program to Reduce the Incidence of Obesity in Women of Color at Pine Manor College"
Project Director: Carole Worsh, APRN-BC, ANP, Director of Health Services

University of Michigan - "Educational Program to Assist International College Students in Deciding about Treatment for Latent TB Infection"
Project Director: Carol Tucker, MPH

2005 Funding Recipient:

University of Central Florida - "Evaluation of Web-Based Triage Referrals for Emergent or Immediate Care in College Students"
Project Director: Patricia Stuart, BSN, ARNP

2004 Funding Recipients:

Carroll College - "Assessing Students Needs for the Development of a Comprehensive Health Program"
Project Director: Pamela Pinahs-Schultz, PhD

Georgetown University - "Evaluating the Impact of an Online Health Resource"
Project Director: Anjali NC Downs, Health Promotion Counselor

Stephan D. Weiss Student Mental Health Award

2015 Funding Recipient:

University of California-Los Angeles – “The Happiness Challenge – Online Wellness Education Program”
Project Director: Leslie Rith-Najarian, Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology

2014 Funding Recipient:

Loyola University – Chicago – “A Meta-Analytic Review of Outcome Research on Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Programs for At-Risk Higher Education Students”
Project Director: Jenna Shapiro, Graduate Student, Clinical Psychology

Student Health 101 Health Promotion Award

2015 Funding Recipient:

Hampshire College – “Hampshire Quits”
Project Director: Jordan Perry, MPH, CHES, Director of Wellness Promotion

2014 Funding Recipient:

Boston University – “The Condom Fairy Program”
Project Director: Katharine Mooney, MPH, CHES

Weiss Writing Prize

2015 Funding Recipient:

University at Albany – “Implementing an Audience-Specific Small-Group Gatekeeper Training Program to Respond to Suicide Risk Among College Students: A Case Study”
Author: M. Dolores Cimini, PhD

2013 Funding Recipient:

Syracuse University – “The Impact of Experiential Exercises on Communication and Relational Skills in a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper-training Program for College Resident Advisors”
Author: Susan D. Pasco, PhD

2012 Funding Recipient:

University of St. Thomas - “Sleep Patterns and Predictors of Disturbed Sleep in a Large Population of College Students”
Author: J. Roxanne Prichard, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology

2011 Funding Recipient:

University of Virginia - “Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in the University Student Population”
Author: Russ Federman, PhD, ABPP, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services<