About the Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of the American College Health Foundation (ACHF) is to promote, improve, and advance the health, well-being, and overall success of college students. The ACHF will accomplish this mission by funding sustainable college health initiatives and programs, including education, research, advocacy, and professional development in partnership with the American College Health Association and its members.

Why have a foundation?

The foundation's sole purpose is to support the field of college health and the mission of ACHA. In 1995, ACHF began the process of building an endowment fund, which will provide ACHA with additional support in perpetuity. The foundation supports projects and activities that would not otherwise be funded through traditional revenue sources. 

Who oversees the foundation?

ACHF operations are governed by a board of directors separate from that of the association. Board members are responsible for the financial security of the foundation. They serve on a voluntary basis and are not compensated for expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

ACHF Board of Directors

Executive Committee



Ralph Manchester, MD
Director and
Professor of Medicine
University of Rochester
University Health Service


Michael J. Huey, MD
Emory University

Immediate Past Chair

Connie Crihfield, BSN, MSN, RN-C
Case Western University


Dorothy Kozlowski, MSN, RN
Rutgers University

Board Members

Nancy Anderson, BSN, RN-BC
The College of Wooster

Jackie Ayers, PhD
Director, Employee Health Services
University of Florida Student Health Center

Teresa Koster
Division Chairman
Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk

Michael McNeil, EdD, CHES, FACHA
Chief of Administration
Columbia University

James P. Mitchell, MBA
Senior Director
University Health Partners
Montana State University

Stephan D. Weiss, PhD
Founder & Chairman
Stephan D. Weiss Foundation

Emeritus Board Member

J. Robert Wirag, HSD
University of Central Florida