COVID-19 Virtual Summit 2: 344 Days and Counting

December 8-9, 2020 (tentative date) 

Deadline for Submissions is September 21, 2020

With the arrival of COVID-19, our nation was reminded of the tremendous toll that infectious diseases can have on our students and our learning communities. This summit is designed to provide institutions with best practices and strategies for how to prepare and respond to vaccine and non-vaccine preventable diseases, such as COVID-19. This summit will provide an update on university response to COVID-19 and will explore strategies for mass vaccinations. The goal of this summit is to provide learners with strategies on how they can prevent infectious disease on campus and to provide them with the knowledge they need to effectively contain these diseases when an outbreak occurs.

We’re specifically looking for submissions that address the following:

  1. Campus response to COVID-19
  2. Updates to vaccine policies
  3. Planning and conducting mass vaccination programs
  4. Mitigating the possibility for an outbreak on campus
  5. Responding to an outbreak on campus 

Submission Instructions

Important: Review the General Policies for Summit Presenters before proceeding.
The online form below must be entered in one sitting therefore...

  • Compile your program information using the Program Submission Worksheet [MS Word]
  • Important: Refer to Instructions for Writing Learning Objectives and Content
  • Required: You must read and attest that you fully understand and agree to adhere to the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Guidelines. These guidelines also apply to co-presenters.
  • Once you are sure all information is complete and can be entered online in one sitting, cut and paste the information from your proposal worksheet into the online form below.
  • At the end of the online form, you will be asked if there are additional presenters (other than you) for your program. If there are, please forward them this link, along with the exact session title you used when submitting your program so they can complete their bio/disclosure form. All additional presenters bio/disclosure forms should be completed at the time of your program submission – or immediately thereafter – in order to be considered by the planning committee.

Required fields are indicated by a "*".

The primary presenter is responsible for the timely submission of the Call for Programs form and for its thorough and accurate content. (Note that all presenters must register for the meeting and are responsible for paying their own registration.)