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Call for Programs

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We are excited to share that the theme for the ACHA 2025 Annual Meeting in New Orleans is Broadening Our Scope.

The well-being of a community isn’t just dependent on our work as college health professionals—it’s dependent on the whole community. Collaboration and integration are central to our work as college health professionals. As we move from thinking about the individual to thinking about the people, places, and planet we inhabit, creating a well campus and community engages all types of people. We encourage you to think about your partnerships, integration, and collaboration your team has done with other areas of health and non-health related departments at your institution.

Submission Deadline: September 16, 2024

Submission Instructions

  • Step 1: You must read and will be asked to attest that you fully understand and agree to adhere to the General Policies for Presenters. Key information includes:
    • Presenter Registration, Travel, and Lodging expectations
    • Eligibility of presenters
    • Eligibility for presenters to received funding
  • Step 2: Compile all program information using Program Submission Worksheet [MS Word] 

  • Step 3: Once all information is complete and can be entered in one sitting, cut and paste the information into the Online Program Submission Form below.

    Program Submission Form

  • Step 4: Forward this link to all co-presenters: Co-Presenter Bio/Disclosure Form, along with the full title of your program, immediately after submitting your program in step 3.
    • All presenters’ bio/disclosure forms MUST be received by ACHA at the time of your program submission – or immediately thereafter.
    • Program submissions are not considered complete and ready for review until all presenters’ forms have been submitted.
    • As the primary presenter, you are responsible for ensuring forms are submitted in a timely manner.

The primary presenter is responsible for the timely submission of the Call for Programs or Posters form and for its thorough and accurate content. (Note that all program and poster presenters must register for the meeting and are responsible for paying their own registration fee and travel expenses.)