Election of Leadership

Nominations are now being accepted for association officer, regional representative, and section officer  positions.

Deadline: Now Extended to February 15, 2024


Nominations for 2024–2025/26 ACHA Leadership

Nominations are being accepted for 2024–2025/26 leadership positions, including officers of the association, regional representatives to the Board of Directors, and section officers. Please see below for details on open positions and the criteria and process for submitting a nomination.

Open Positions and How to Submit a Nomination

Click here to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of each Board of Directors position.

The 2024 ACHA Election begins in March!

The election will conclude in April.

Your Vote Matters

When you vote in the ACHA election, you are choosing leaders who will advocate for you and the health and wellness of campus communities. The ACHA Board of Directors and Section Leadership play a critical role in helping shape the future of the association and the field of college health and wellness. By voting, members can ensure that ACHA has leaders with the skills and abilities to fulfill our organizational goals and strategic priorities.

Important Updates Regarding Your Ballot

The election will be conducted using the same secure Qualtrics platform that is used for many ACHA surveys. Members eligible to vote in the election will receive an email containing a unique link to their ballot. This link can be used only by the person to whom it was sent. We recommend doing the following prior to the start of the election in March:

  1. Log in to your member profile.
  2. Make sure your email address is up to date. The email address listed in your profile is where your ballot link will be sent.
  3. This step must be done by March 15: On your member profile page  in the "My preferences" tab, select your primary section and click "save". Members may join more than one section but can vote for leaders only in their primary section.

Only current, eligible members whose 2024 dues have been received by ACHA by February 23, 2024, are able to vote in ACHA's 2024 national election. Note: under the new membership model, all 2023 individual members at an institutional member school will be automatically renewed for 2024 when their school renews. Check to see if your school is a current member.

For more information, including who is eligible to vote, see the Election FAQs

Looking for ways to make a real difference?

Consider running for election next year or checking with your section leadership for any open positions. As a member, your engagement has a meaningful impact in ACHA and in college health and wellness!