Election of Leadership

The election is now closed. The results will be announced soon. 

ACHA needs you to participate in the nomination and election of your leaders!

For more information, including who is eligible to vote, see the Election FAQs

  • The Call for Nominations begins in the fall of each year and runs for six to nine weeks.
  • The Slate of Candidates is announced and posted here.
  • The election will be conducted online in March-April.

Only current, eligible members whose 2020 dues have been received by ACHA by February 24, 2020, are able to vote in ACHA's 2020 national election.


2020-2021/22 Slate of Candidates

ACHA is pleased to present the following slate of candidates for the National Election:

The election will be conducted April 15 through May 15, 2020, at this site. Detailed information about the candidates will be available at election time. Election results will be announced during the Opening General Session at the ACHA Annual Meeting. The new officers of the association, regional representatives, and section officers assume their office at the end of the Assembly of Representatives at the Annual Meeting.

*According to the ACHA Bylaws, Regular Individual Members and Student Members are eligible to vote for Officers of the Association.

Regular Individual Members and Student Members are eligible to vote for the Board Regional Representative within their region.

Emeritus Members have privileges of the class of membership to which they belonged prior to becoming emeritus, and thus may vote accordingly.

For section elections, Regular Individual Members are eligible to vote for the Section Officers within their section. Student Members are only eligible to vote and hold office in the Student/Consumer section. The Student/Consumer section officer elections will take place at the ACHA Annual Meeting.

Candidates for Officers of the Association

For 2020-2021 President-elect:

M. Scott Tims, PhD
Assistant Vice President 
Tulane University

For 2020-2022 Treasurer: 

Dana Tasson, MD 
Associate Vice Provost for Health and Wellbeing 
Center for Student Health and Counseling 
Portland State University 

Candidates for Regional Representatives to the Board of Directors

For 2020-2022 Region I Representative:

Marguerite O’Brien, MSW
Director for Wellness, Prevention & Advocacy Services 
University of South Carolina  

For 2020-2022 Region III Representative:

Faith A. DeNardo, PhD, MSEd, BS  
Director, Wellness Connection 
Bowling Green State University 

For 2020-2022 Region VI Representative:

Kevin Readdean, MSEd, LMHC
Associate Director, Student Health Center 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Remember to renew for 2020!

Your 2020 membership dues must be received by
February 24, 2020, in order to participate in the ACHA 2020 National Election.