ACHA 2021 Fellows & Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2021 Fellows and Award Recipients!

Past ACHA Award Recipients

ACHA Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes individuals who have provided outstanding service to ACHA, and whose professional lives have been dedicated to improving the health of college students.

2021: Cynthia Burwell, EdD, MS, MCHES, FACHA; Jean Chin, MD, MBA, FACP, FACHA; and Gerri Taylor, MS, APRN-BC, FACHA 

2020: Ralph A. Manchester, MD, FACP, FACHA

2019: Michael Huey, MD, FACHA

2018: John M. Dorman, MD

2015: Anita Barkin, DrPH, MSN, FACHA

2014: Connie Crihfield, RN, MSN, and Chad Henderson, MBA, FACHA

2012: Steve Lux, MS

2012: Evelyn Wiener, MD

2011: Bob Wirag, HSD

2006: Arthur A. Goulas, BS

2005: William A. Christmas, MD

2004: Margaret Bridwell, MD

2003: H. Spencer Turner, MD

2002: Lewis Barbato, MD

2001: Murray M. DeArmond, MD

Edward Hitchcock Award for Outstanding Contributions in College Health

This award commemorates the work of Edward C. Hitchcock Jr., MD, who founded the first college health service at Amherst College in 1861, and was established in the 1961 Centennial Year of college health. The award honors ACHA members who have made outstanding contributions to advancing the health of all college students.

2022: Michael B. Faircloth, MD

2020: Sarah Van Ormen, MD, MMM, FACHA

2019: Gerri Taylor, MS, ANP-BC, FACHA

2018: M. Jacob Baggott, MLS, 1SG (USAR Ret.), FACHA

2016: Jean Chin, MD, MBA, FACP, FACHA

2015: Lesley Sacher, MHA

2014: Doreen A. Perez, MS, RN-BC

2013: James C. Turner, MD

2012: Jackie Ayers, PhD

2008: Michael Haines, MS, and David Kraft, MD

2007: Fern Goodhart, MSPH, CHES

2006: Ralph Manchester, MD

2005: J. Robert Wirag, HSD

2004: Paula Swinford, MS, MHA, CHES

2003: Arthur A. Goulas

2002: Christine G. Zimmer, MA, CHES

2001: William A. Christmas, MD, and Gary Fredericksen

2000: Margaret Bridwell, MD

1999: James P. Mitchell, MBA

1998: Connie Crihfield, MSN, CRNP

1997: Henry W. Buck, MD, and MarJeanne Collins, MD

1996: H. Spencer Turner, MD

1995: Allan J. Schwartz, PhD

1994: Mary-Kate Heffern, MA, MSN, RN-C

1993: Kevin Patrick, MD, MS

1992: Janet R. DeVoe, RN-C, CSE, and Samuel E. McVay, PhD

1991: Debra Benoit Sivertson, RN, MSN, CFNP, and James R. Brown, MD

1990: Richard P. Keeling, MD

1989: Henry Lubin, DMD, DPh, and Susan Shearer, MS, FNP

1988: Robert L. Arnstein, MD

1987: Murray M. DeArmond, MD, and William Hettler, MD

1984: Jane G. Zapka, ScD

1982: Isao Hirata, Jr., MD

1981: Clifford B. Reifler, MD, MPH

1979: Addie L. Klotz, MD, MPH

1978: Barry W. Averill

1977: Richard G. Bond, MPH, MS

1976: Frank J. Kilpatrick, MPH

1975: Donald L. Cooper, MD

1974: E. Dean Lovett, MD

1973: Ralph W. Alexander, MD

1972: Robert W. Gage, MD

1971: Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, MD, and Ruby Rich Burgar, RN

1970: Leona B. Yeager, MD

1969: Lewis Barbato, MD

1968: Dana L. Farnsworth, MD, and Norman S. Moore, MD

1965: Ralph I. Canuteson, MD

1964: Samuel I. Fuenning, MD

1963: Ruth E. Boynton, MD

1961: Harold S. Diehl, MD

Ruth E. Boynton Award for Distinguished Service to ACHA

This award is named for Ruth E. Boynton, MD, who was an inspiration and guiding force as ACHA president (1940-41) and treasurer (1961-65), and who directed the University of Minnesota Health Service, which bears her name. The award, established in 1967, honors ACHA members who have provided distinguished service to the association.

2022: Keith J. Anderson, PhD, FACHA

2021: ACHA COVID-19 Task Force: Anita Barkin, DrPH, MSN, NP-C, FACHA, and Gerri Taylor, MS, APRN-BC, FACHA (Task Force Co-Chairs); Jean Chin, MD, MBA, FACP, FACHA (Former Task Force Co-Chair); David Anderson, PhD; Deborah Beck, MPA, EdD, FACHA; Connie Crihfield, RN, MSN; Martha Davis, RN, BSN, MBA; Eleanor (Nell) Davidson, MD; Michael Deichen, MD, MPH, FACHA; Catherine Ebelke, PA-C, CHWC, CTH, DipACLM, FACHA; Julie Edwards, MHA; Susan Even, MD; Brad Farnsworth; Reginald Fennell, RN, MSN, PhD, MCHES, CEN, FNP-BC, NR-Paramedic, FACHA; Micah Griffin, PhD, MHA; Joy Himmel, PsyD, LCPC, NCC, RN, FACHA; Michael Huey, MD, FACHA; Cheryl Hug-English, MD, MPH; James R. Jacobs, MD, PhD, FACEP; Beverly Kloeppel, MD, MBA; Dororthy Kozlowski, ANP-C, MSN, RN; John Miner, MD, FACHA; Tondra Moore, PhD, JD, MPH; Giang Nguyen, MD, MPH, MSCE, FAAFP; Sarah Van Orman, MD, MMM; Doreen Perez, DNP, RN-BC; and Craig Roberts, PA-C, MS 

2020: Craig Roberts, PA-C, MS, FACHA

2019: Shannon Millington, PT

2018: ACHA Addressing Sexual Assault Task Force: Kim Webb, MEd, LPC (Task Force Co-Chair); Mary Wyandt-  Hiebert, PhD, MCHES, CWHC, CA (Task Force Co-Chair); Stephanie Hanenberg, MSN, FNP-C; Deborah Beck, RRT, MPA, EdD; Trent Claypool, PsyD; Amy Hoch, PhD; Jen Jacobsen, MA, MPH; Aimee Janssen-Robinson, MEd, CHES; Susan Pasco, PhD, LCSW-R; Deborah Stewart, MD

2017: Birdie Cunningham, MA

2015: Dana Mills, MPH

2014: Alan Glass, MD 

2013: Kathy Saichuk, MA, MCHES 

2011: Rosa Thomas, MPH 

2008: Lois Wells, BSN, CRNP 

2005: Janet Atwater, RN-C, ANP 

2004: Jennifer Attanasio, MHA, CHES 

2003: Jackie Ayers, PhD, and Wayne H. Ericson, PhD, and Patricia Fabiano, PhD 

2001: Kenneth F. Marsh, PhD 2000: Pamela Bowen, MD, MPH 

1999: Fred E. Young, Jr., MC, and Franklin W. Carter, MBA, and Rhoda H. Luckey, EdD 

1998: Joyce B. Meder, RNP, MPA, and Christine Zimmer, MA, CHES 

1997: Patricia R. Ellis, RN-C, EdD 1996: Mary Lou Holland, BSN, MA, C-FNP 

1995: Paula L. Swinford, MS, CHES 

1994: C. Virginia Moore, RN-C, CNP, FACHA 

1993: John M. Dorman, MD, and Jacquelyn A. Hassett, RN-C, MSN 

1992: Carol Walker Simkins, MPH, BSN, and C. Barbara Driscoll, RN-C, BSN, ANPC 

1991: Luana V. Joslin, RN-C, ANP, FNP, and H. Roland Zick, MD 

1990: Stephen D. Blom, MBA, and Carol J. Sudol, RN, BSN 

1989: William A. Christmas, MD 

1988: Margaret W. Bridwell, MD, and Connie Crihfield, RN-C, BSN, and Clifford B. Reifler, MD, MPH 

1987: Hannibal E. Howell, Jr., MD, and Carol J. Mulvihill, RN, BSN, and Christine G. Scharf, RN 

1986: Gordon G. Bergy, MD, and Laurence H. Bishoff, and Helen K. Rueda, RN, MA, and Warren E. C. Wacker, MD 

1985: Murray M. DeArmond, MD, and James W. Dilley 

1984: Steven S. Duvall, MS, MPH, and Richard B. Shaara, MD, and Ann M. Winch, RN 

1983: John A. Hargleroad II, MD, and Henry Lubin, MD, and James B. McClenahan, MD 

1982: Judson E. Hair, MD, and John C. Longest, MD, and James B. Raybin, MD, and H. Spencer Turner, MD 

1981: Carolyn J. Davis, RN, and Samuel B. McCottry, Jr., MD, and Ollie B. Moten, RN, Med, and Bruce S. Roxby, MD 

1980: Robert W. Gage, MD, and John M. Miller, MD, and Paul Rupprecht, PhD 

1979: Robert L. Arnstein, MD, and Alexus Rachun, MD, and Virginia Troy, RN, MSM 

1978: William H. Carlyon, PhD, and Ruth A. Frary, MD, and Maurice M. Osborne, Jr., MD, MPH 

1977: John Summerskill, PhD, and Elizabeth R. McKay, RN, EdD, and Willard Dalrymple, MD 

1976: W. J. Coggins, MD, and Leona B. Yeager, MD, and Lucille M. Garrison, RN 

1975: Irene T. Campo, RN, MS, and J. Lawrence Manuell, MD, and John E. Reinhold, DSW 

1974: James L. Dunning, DDS, MPH, and Ruth Dutton, RN, MS, and Frank J. Kilpatrick, MPH, and Kenneth D. Rose, MD 

1973: Helen Fitzgerald, RN, and Vernon E. Keye, MA, and Leonard J. Schiff, MD 

1972: Max L. Durfee, MD, and Donald W. Cowan, MD 

1971: Loretta C. Ford, RN, EdD, and Edla S. Popiel, RN, MS, and Naomi Wright, RN 

1970: Ralph W. Alexander, MD, and E. Muriel Farr, RN, and Charlotte V. Leach, MSPH 

1969: Samuel I. Fuenning, MD, and E. Dean Lovett, MD, and Raidie Poole Merdinger, RN 

1968: Richard G. Bond, MPH, MS, and Ruby Rich Burgar, RN, and Frank O. Robertson, MD

E. Dean Lovett Award for Exemplary Contributions to a College Health Program

The E. Dean Lovett Award was created in 1990 to honor E. Dean Lovett, MD, past president of the Pacific Coast College Health Association and former director of the University of Hawaii Health Service. Dr. Lovett was an advocate of nurses in community colleges, small colleges, and university health services. This award, created by the ACHA Nurse-Directed Section, honors ACHA members who have directed or contributed significantly to the development of a college health program in an exemplary manner.

2021: Kerri Mahoney, MPH, CHES; and Kathy Mosteller, RN, BSN

2020: Alicia Miller, MPH, CHES

2019: Robin Schafer, CPNP, PMHNP-BC, MA

2017: Kelly Jirovec, RN, BSN, and Barbie Vander Boegh, RN, BSN

2014: Paula Jessen, RN-BC, MPA

2013: Denise McGoldrick, MS, and Karen Newton, MPH, RD

2012: Barbara Galderise, MSEd, RN 2011: Megan Evans, MS

2010: Debra (Deb) Saure, RN, APRN, and Geraldine (Gerri) Taylor, MS, ANP, BC

2009: Carole Worsh, ANP, APRN

2007: Pamela A. Kelleman, BSN, RN

2006: Carol Frevert, RN, BSN

2005: Bonnie Goshen, MSN, RN-BC, CRNP-BC, and James Mallinson, MA

2004: Angel Weisbrod, RN-C, MA

2003: A. Nancy Anderson, BSN, RNBC 2002: Jean Benthien, MSN

2001: Anita Barkin, MSN, CRNP, and Doreen Perez, MS, RN-C

2000: Ted Grace, MD, MPH, and Suzanne Payette CSC, RN, BSN, and Kay Wilkerson

1999: Barbara H. Bloomer, RN, BSN

1998: Peggy Ingram Veeser, EdD, RN, FNP

1997: Carol Seager, MA

1996: Patricia Brereton, RN-C, LSW

1994: Valerie Burke, RN-C

1993: Anne Marie Novinger, RN, MA

1992: Carol J. Mulvihill, RN-C, BSN, and Margaret T. Porter, RN, OHNP

1991: Carolyn Davis, RN, BSN

Ollie B. Moten Award for Outstanding Service to One’s Institution

This award commemorates the work of Ollie B. Moten, RN, past chairwoman of the Nursing Section of ACHA and former director of the Student Health Center at Texas Southern University in Houston. This award, established in 1982, honors ACHA members who have made a significant impact on the institution of higher education in which they work, regardless of whether the individuals have been active beyond their institutions.

2022: Heather Dale, PA-C

2021: Melissa Baron, RN, BSN, MEd, CHWP; Marisa Bisiani, DNP; and Carmen Burrell, DO

2020: Kimberly D. Manning, RN, BSN

2019: Joleen Nevers, MAEd, CHES, CSE, CSES, and Anne Hudgens, EdS

2018: Heather Zesiger, PhD, MPH, MCHES

2017: Jacqueline Cartabuke-Johnston, MS, ANP-C, and Jeanne Harris-Caldwell, RN, MSN, CCRN, PHN, EdD

2016: Michelle Famula, MD, and Nathan Haecker, MD

2015: Beryl Salvatore, RN

2014: Janet Corson-Rikert, MD, and Robyn Tepper, MD, FAAFP

2013: Phillip Histand, MD, and Kimberly Thompson, RN, BSN

2012: Ann Simmons, BSN, RN-C, and Sue Weston, RN

2011: Joseph Siebold, DO, FAAP

2010: Ruth Sarna, RN

2009: Peggy Kovac, CHES, MS

2008: James Farrow, MD

2007: Steve Lustig, MA, and Judith Sandeen, RN

2006: Maryann Walsh, RNC, BS

2005: Ted W. Grace, MD, MPH

2004: Rita Rooney, ANP, MS

2002: William R. Hill, DrPH, CHE

2001: Karen Moses, MS, RD, CHES

2000: Kevin Charles, DEd

1999: Lois I. Wells, RN-C, BSN

1998: Margaret E. Spear, MD

1997: Nancy J. Allen, MA, CHES

1996: Robert K. Patterson, MD

1994: Cathy Devera, MS

1993: Robert K. Collins, MD

1992: Nadja B. Gould, MSW, LICSW, and Debra Benoit Sivertson, RN, MSN, CFNP

1991: Jean W. Cox and Lewis A. Pyle, Jr., MD

1990: Dorothy Vernstrom, MS

1989: Sharon R. Adams, RN, BSN

1988: Carolyn Davis, RN, BSN

1987: Margot G. Heilig, RN

1986: Jean Wyckoff, PhD

1985: Raymond S. Jackson, MD

1984: Mary Stevenson Shook, RN

1983: Jeanne J. Ford, RN

Miguel García-Tuñón Memorial Award in Human Dignity

This award was established in 1989 to memorialize Miguel García-Tuñón, coordinator of the ACHA/CDC Seroprevalence Project from April 1988 - October 1989, and whose life and work exemplified dignity and integrity. This award honors ACHA members whose work, life, writing, research or way of living have promoted the cause of human dignity and nurtured the appreciation of human differences.

2022: Joanne Brown, DNP, APRN, WHNP-C, FNP-C

2021: Blake Flaugher, MPH, CHES

2019: Margaret Higham, MD

2018: Sharon J. Glezen, MD, FACP

2015: Estela Rivero, PhD

2012: Ted Coleman, PhD, CHES

2005: Sandra Stern, RN-C, ANP

2002: Joyce Jordan, MD, and Paul Myers, PhD

2001: Alan Berkowitz, PhD

2000: Ellen Zaltzberg, MS, BSN

1999: Julie White, MS

1998: Abby Rincon, MPH

1997: Janet R. DeVoe, RN-C

1996: Sherry R. Bell, MEd

1995: Cathy Kodama, MPH

1994: Fern Goodhart, MSPH, CHES

1993: C. Barbara Driscoll, RN-C, ANP

1992: Patricia Fabiano, MA, MS

1991: Reginald Fennell, PhD

1990: Christine Lyman, ACSW

Hannibal E. Howell, Jr. Award for Promoting Diversity in College Health

This award was created in 1998 to honor Hannibal E. Howell, Jr., MD, who has been involved with leading the association to increase its efforts toward inclusiveness and addressing ethnic minority concerns since he became director of Hampton University Health Center in 1960. This award honors ACHA members who have made outstanding proactive contributions to their campus communities and ACHA by promoting health care and preventive health relevant to ethnic minorities.

2022: Tobirus Mozelle Newby, MSW, LCSW

2021: Raphael Coleman, PhD, MPH; and PaDonda Webb, DNP

2020: Micah M. Griffin, PhD, MS, MHA

2009: Cynthia Burwell, EdD, CHES

2003: Alejandro Martinez, PhD

2002: Luoluo Hong, PhD, MPH

2001: Connie Diggs, JD, RN, MPA

2000: Rosa Thomas, MPH

1999: Oscar Battle, DPA, MA, MPH

Clifford B. Reifler Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Journal of American College Health

This award was created in 1998 to honor Clifford B. Reifler, MD, MPH, who was former executive editor emeritus of the Journal of American College Health, former director of the University of Rochester Health Service, and past president of ACHA. This award honors ACHA members and nonmembers who have made outstanding contributions to the Journal of American College Health.

2012: Reginald Fennell, PhD, MCHES,FACHA, NREMT-P

2011: Ted Grace, MD, MPH

2009: Peggy Veeser, APRN, BC, EdD

2008: Allan J. Schwartz, PhD

2005: John Dorman, MD

2003: Richard Keeling, MD

2001: Henry Wechsler, PhD

Lewis Barbato Award for Outstanding Student Service

This award, created in 1977, is named in honor of ACHA Past President and Fellow Lewis Barbato, MD, former director of the University of Denver Health Service. The Lewis Barbato Award honors students (ACHA members or nonmembers) who have made major contributions to college health as reflected in the association's mission and vision statements.

2022: Destyni Cravens, MPH, BS, BA

2021: Sara Abelson, MPH

2020: Cassandra "Cassie" Soucy, MPH

2014: Chris Schaefbauer

2013: Sara Shipley

2011: Cara Berg, BS

2009: Rose Hartzell, MS, CHES, NCTMB, WICMT

2008: Allan Joseph Medwick, MSEd

2007: Chris Leeth and Danielle Patel

2005: Scott Butler, MS, and David Mumaugh

2004: Kristin Hartigan

2003: Mark Dignan and Joshua Marks

2002: Sara Kuiti and Elizabeth Jacobs

2001: Brian Grossman

2000: Trupania "Trap" Bonner and Susan Garret

1998: Andrea S. Wolf

1997: Gregory J. German

1996: Tony Teresi

1994: Annette Padilla

1993: Todd Rickel

1992: Richard P. Fasano, MS, EMT

1991: Patton R. Hart and Martin A. Majchrowicz

1990: Paula J. Grintjes

1989: David R. Wilson

1988: Eric Gabrielle

1987: David Chang

1986: Mark Carpenter

1985: Martha A. Bredehoeft

1984: Kevin Hendrickson

1983: Lisa Decker Baumbach

1982: JoAnne G. Elmore

1981: Sherri A. Simches

1980: Marc D. Hiller, DrPH

1979: Steven S. Duvall, MS, MPH1978: Mary Kay Winton

Evelyn Wiener Mentoring Award

This award pays tribute to the mentorship that Evelyn Wiener, MD, provided to her staff, colleagues, regional, and national associates. She was director of the University of Pennsylvania health service and held numerous positions locally and nationally, including Mid-Atlantic College Health Association president, committee chair, Annual Meeting Program Planning chair, Fellow, and Region IV Representative. This award recognizes individuals who have made significant efforts in providing counsel, support, and professional opportunities to others either in their institution, their regional affiliate, or ACHA.

2020: Shawnte Elbert, EdD, MCHES, CHWC
2019: Jamie Davidson, PhD, FACHA
2016: Chris Rooney, BSN, RN-BC
2015: Carlo Ciotoli, MD, MPH, and Jenny Haubenreiser, MA

Best Practices in College Health Award

This award recognizes exemplary, innovative, and inspirational practices in one of four major areas of college health: (1) clinical services, (2) counseling services, (3) administrative and consumer services, and (4) health education and promotion services. Up to four awards, one in each area, will be presented each year to a student health center(s) that demonstrates program and/or services excellence. Nominated programs must be implemented at an ACHA member institution, or have an individual member of ACHA directly involved with the creation and/or implementation of the program. Programs will be evaluated on innovation and uniqueness. The description of the program should include the number of students the program has impacted and what percent of the targeted population this is. Data is to be presented on the outcome and effectiveness of the program. (Adapted from the Pacific Coast College Health Association's Golden Gull Awards for Best Practices in College Health.)

Counseling Services Category: The University of Alabama at Birmingham, UAB Cares Suicide Prevention Initiative

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: University of Michigan, MSU Exercise is Medicine on Campus
Health Education and Promotion Services Category: St. John's University, The Interactive Peer Theater Program

Administration Category: ACHA Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness Coalition
Clinical Services Category: University of Rochester, Immunization Collaborative Team
Clinical Services Category: University of South Florida, MWell4Success

Clinical Services Category: Haverford College, Influence of Text Messages on College Students’ Influenza Vaccine Rate
Health Education and Promotion Category: Cornell University, Intervene: Cornell’s New Evidence-Based Bystander Intervention Video and Workshop
Health Education and Promotion Category: University of Florida, Wellness Coaching for Academic Success

Clinical Services Category: Simon Fraser University, Active Health

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: New York University, LiveWellNYU

Administration and Consumer Services Category: University of Southern California, Engemann Student Health Services Contact Center
Clinical Services Category: Missouri University of Science and Technology, Concussion Management Program
Counseling Services Category: University of Missouri, Student Health Center Contemplative Practice Center for Stress Management and Wellbeing
Health Education and Promotion Services Category: Simon Fraiser University, Well-Being in Learning Environments Project

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: University of South Carolina, Healthy Carolina

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: Northwest Missouri State University, Stress Less Fest

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: The University of Texas at Austin, The Center for Students in Recovery

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: Virginia Commonwealth University, Clicker Enhanced Social Norms Marketing Campaign

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: University at Albany, State University of New York, The STEPS Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Program

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: Columbia University, Go Ask Alice! Health Question and Answer Internet Service

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Student Wellness Case Management

Clinical Services Category: University of Virginia, Emergency Contraception Triage Worksheet

Counseling Services Category: Baldwin-Wallace College, The New Diversity Initiative

Health Education and Promotion Services Category: University of North Texas, Welcoming Diversity in Health Care for International Students