ACHA Named Awards Nominations

Nominations Criteria and Process

The call for nominations for 2022 is closed. Please check back in the fall for the 2023 nominations deadline.

(For information on submitting nominations for the Best Practices in College Health Award, Affiliate New Professionals Award, or ACHA Fellows, see Nominations.)

Let us know who should be recognized for making exceptional contributions to ACHA, the field of college health, or their own health center and campus by nominating someone for an ACHA award.

How to Nominate a Candidate for ACHA Named Awards

  • Download and complete the ACHA Named Awards Nomination Form  >>>  [PDF]     [Word Document] 
  • Submit a letter (or email) of nomination 
  • Submit additional letters of support (a minimum of two and maximum of five letters required)
  • At least one letter of support must be from a current ACHA member

Please email completed nomination forms and letters of support to:
Lisa Pitrone

All nominations must be emailed by January 20, 2022.

If mailing  your nominations instead, please use the address below:
ACHA Awards Advisory Committee
ATTN: Lisa Pitrone
8455 Colesville Road, Suite 740
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Mailed nominations must be received by the ACHA National Office by January 20, 2022.

Letters of nomination and support must include the following information:

  • Please specify the award for which the candidate is being nominated.
  • In what capacity does the nominator know the nominee?
  • Please provide background information on the nominee.
  • How has the nominee been involved with ACHA/their regional affiliate or other organizations related to the nomination?
  • Describe the major achievements related to the award for which the candidate is being nominated.
  • Describe the nominee's relationship with peers/colleagues and students.
  • Why does the nominator feel the nominee is deserving of the specific award for which they are being nominated?

Eligibility of Awards Candidates

  • At the time of selection by the Awards Advisory Committee, candidates must be ACHA individual members in good standing. (Nominees for the Barbato and Reifler Awards do not have to be current ACHA Members.)
  • Current ACHA board members are not eligible to receive ACHA awards, with the exception of student representatives to the Board of Directors, who are eligible to be nominated for the Lewis Barbato Award for Outstanding Student Service.

The Awards Advisory Committee shall consider all complete nominations and review against established award purpose and criteria.

The committee may recommend none, one, or multiple recipients for each designated award to the ACHA Board of Directors.