Health Insurance

This page is an index of ACHA and other resources on this topic. Resources include association projects, programs, publications, guidelines, and more. Additional information may be available under “External Resources.”

ACHA Resources

Student Health Insurance Coalition
This coalition is charged with reviewing student health insurance needs and monitoring federal legislation around student health insurance.

Standards for Student Health Insurance Coverage [pdf]
This document is intended to guide colleges and universities in the establishment of a student health insurance/benefits program.

ACHA’s Web Page on Affordable Care Act and Student Health Insurance
This web page provides information on ACHA's role in health care reform, updates regarding developments related to health care reform legislation, and useful links and documents.

Strengthening Our Student Health Insurance/Benefit Programs [Powerpoint]
This is a presentation from the 2008 Annual Meeting in which members of the ACHA Student Health Insurance Task Force discuss the implementation of student health insurance plans.

The State of Student Health Insurance: Implications for ACHA’s Standards [Powerpoint]
This is a presentation on the 2007 Student Health Insurance/Benefit Plan (SHIBP) Survey Results. This slide show was presented by members of the ACHA Student Health Insurance Task Force at the 2007 Annual Meeting.

Student Health Insurance/Benefit Plans: Adapting to the Environment Post Affordable Care [powerpoint]
This is a presentation from the 2014 Annual Meeting in which members of the ACHA Student Health Insurance Task Force discuss student health insurance plans.

External Resources

Resources from College Health
Resources provided to ACHA for posting by campuses willing to share their own resources with others.

U.S. Census Bureau Health Insurance Data

Government Accountability Office 2008 Study on Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance Information from the National Library of Medicine


College Health A-Z
ACHA-National College Health Assessment
ACHA-NCDP Depression Quality Improvement Collaborative
Peer Review Assistance Program