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This page is an index of ACHA and other resources on this topic. Resources include association projects, programs, publications, guidelines, and more. Additional information may be available under “External Resources.”

ACHA Resources

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Coalition
Provides multidisciplinary, multiregional education, advocacy, and research on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

ACHA-National College Health AssessmentACHA-National College Health Assessment
The ACHA-NCHA is a nationally recognized research survey that provides precise data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. Data from this survey covers smoking habits, contraception use, mental health issues, relationship difficulties, sexual behaviors, exercise habits, preventive health practices, perceptions of drug and alcohol use, and more.

ATOD BrochuresACHA Brochures for Young Adults

Alcohol Use: What Everyone Should Know
Drug Use and You: Know the Risks
How to Help a Friend with A Drinking Problem

ACHA Online Continuing Education Program

“Dancing With Molly:” NewTrends in Substance Abuse 

ACHA Guidelines: Drug Education and Testing of Student Athletes [pdf] Use and Misuse of Stimulants cover
Provides guidance for developing campus drug education and testing programs for student athletes

Use and Misues of Stimulants: A Guide for School Health Professionals
This ACHA Professional Development Program was created to increase college health providers’ awareness of the prevalence and seriousness of prescription stimulant misuse among U.S. students, strategies to identify and counsel those students engaging in stimulant misuse, and appropriate methods for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of ADHD.

External Resources

ACHA thanks its committee, coalition, task force, and section volunteers for providing resources and links concerning this topic. ACHA does not endorse or accept responsibility for the content or use of external websites.

Internet Resources by Topic

Other Drugs

General Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs/Substance Use Resource

Above the Influence
Sponsored by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Comprehensive database for information on numerous substances, including effects, statistics, prevention and treatment, crime, and personal stories.

The Alice! Health Promotion Program Resources Q & A's

The BACCHUS Network

The Coalition of Higher Education Associations for Substance Abuse Prevention (CoHEASAP)
(formerly the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues)

Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS)
CAS has been the pre-eminent force for promoting standards in student affairs, student services, and student development programs since its inception in 1979. The CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education (7th edition) is available at the CAS website.

ACHA Liaison to CAS:
Paula L. Swinford, MS, MHA, CHES
University of Southern California

Stacy Andes, MA, EdD 
Villanova University 

CAS Standards: The Role of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems [members only]

Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)
The DAWN is a public health surveillance system that monitors drug-related hospital emergency department (ED) visits and drug-related deaths to track the impact of drug use, misuse, and abuse in the U.S.

Sponsored by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. Searchable database for general information on numerous substances, including risks, scientific research, symptoms, dangers of prescription drug use, and additional resources.

Monitoring the Future
An ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of American secondary school students, college students, and young adults.

NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

NIDA: Easy-to-Read Drug Facts
This easy–to–read NIDA website talks about drug abuse, addiction, and treatment.

NIDA: Prevention Research
Provides a research-based approach to preventing drug use in children and adolescents.

National Social Norms Institute at the University of Virginia

National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH)
The NSDUH provides yearly national and state-level data on the use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit and prescription drugs in the U.S.

Pacific Institute of Research & Evaluation (PIRE)
Overview of key topics related to drugs. Also includes links to published articles within each topic area.

Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA)
Comprehensive database of publications on various substances.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency: Federal Trafficking Penalties
Concise description of drug schedules, prescription drug names, and penalties affiliated with federal offenses.

White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)


College Health A-Z
ACHA-National College Health Assessment
ACHA-NCDP Depression Quality Improvement Collaborative
Peer Review Assistance Program