ACHA Peer Review and Assistance Program

Who Are the Peer Reviewers?

These individuals are college health professionals with previous experience conducting peer reviews of health services. Their experience varies by topic and institutional demographics. ACHA will assist you in selecting reviewers whose experience best meets your needs. Reviewers are also provided with relevant background materials to further prepare them in providing you with an objective and informed report.

ACHA recommends using two reviewers in order to gain a more complete and balanced perspective.


How the Peer Review Process Works

Step 1

Download and complete the pre-assessment form. Once you have emailed the completed assessment form to the ACHA national office, we will contact you to discuss your needs in greater detail and determine a time frame for the review. ACHA will then provide you with a list of reviewers who have indicated having expertise in the areas in which you need assistance (the topics you selected on the pre-assessment form) and are available during the time frame you have choosen. You and your institution then have the freedom to select the reviewer(s) whom you feel best aligns with your needs.

Step 2

Next, ACHA will coordinate a mutually convenient time for a site visit. Together with ACHA, your institution will develop the site visit details along with an agenda for the reviewer(s). The site visit details will be included on a contractual agreement to be signed and returned with an initial payment for the Engagement Fee.

Step 3

The reviewers will arrive for their scheduled 1½ day site visit, during which they will talk with your staff, students, and administration, tour your facilities, review policies and procedures, and look into any other areas specified in the agenda.

Step 4

Approximately six weeks following the site visit, you will receive an Interim Final Draft Report for your review. The institution should review this interim draft to verify the factual information contained within the report. The Final Report, along with an invoice for the remaining fees and expenses, as well as a post-visit evaluation form, will follow soon after.



ACHA Institutional Member


Engagement Fee



Reviewers’ Fee (each): 1.5 Day Site Visit*

$ 1,500 x 2 = $ 3,000

$ 1,500 x 2 = $ 3,000

Reviewers’ Fee (each): Written Report

$ 1,500 x 2 = $ 3,000

$ 1,500 x 2 = $ 3,000

Total Estimated Fees (excluding travel expenses**)



*Reviewer shall be paid for each site visit day and half-day. A site visit day is considered an 8-hour workday with appropriate breaks and a half-day is considered a 4-hour day. Institution shall additionally pay accordingly, at $125.00 per hour, if the Reviewer is required at the time of the site-visit, to work in excess of these times. Likewise, subsequent to submission of the final report, should Reviewer be required to perform work that is considered additional or outside the original scope of the engagement, the Institution shall pay accordingly at $125.00 per hour.

** Travel Expense Reimbursement: All expenses incurred by ACHA to support travel or directly incurred by the reviewer will be charged/invoiced to the institution. This includes all reasonable expenses for transportation, lodging, meals and incidental expenses in connection with performance of travel for the site visit.

Need more information? Contact the ACHA National Office at (410) 859-1500, ext. 234, or rmack@acha.org.

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