ACHA Peer Review and Assistance Program

ACHA’s Peer Review Assistance Program (PRAP) for institutional health services can help you address a variety of college health related subjects, whether you are looking to create a business plan, develop a student health insurance/benefits plan, build new facilities, increase utilization, evaluate health programming, and more. ACHA's role in the PRAP is to facilitate peer reviews, including by maintaining a list of potential peer reviewers, assisting institutional health services in identifying appropriate reviewers and defining the scope of the review, as well as scheduling site visits.

The Peer Review Assistance Program utilizes college health professionals who act as peer reviewers to help you address these issues. You set the objectives that determine how in-depth the peer review will be.

The PRAP is the perfect choice if you want to examine topics such as:

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For additional information, please visit the following links or contact the ACHA National Office at (410) 859-1500, ext. 234, or rmack@acha.org.

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