Pacific Coast College Health Association Research and Grants Committee

Golden Gull Award for Best Practices in College Health

2017 Golden Gull Award Recipient:
Student Health Center at the University of California, Irvine

In October 2016, the Student Health Center at University of California, Irvine (UCI) initiated revolutionary way for students to access hormonal contraception. UCI’s Access to Online Birth Control program improves student access to evidence-based contraceptive health services in a safe, confidential, and convenient way by allowing students to make an online request for birth control, 24/7. This innovative approach eliminates traditional barriers to securing contraception.

Through the program, a physician or nurse practitioner reviews online requests to determine each patient’s suitability for hormonal contraception. As part of their request, a patient submits a self-report screening and a blood pressure reading taken within the last year. According to current evidence-based recommendations, few tests are required to safely initiate hormonal contraceptives and to continue their use among college students.

UCI’s Access to Online Birth Control program continues to thrive, and as of last July, 458 students had used the service. Further evidence of the program’s success is that one-third of the first 100 patients made their request after clinic hours. In the program’s fourth month of operation, 16% of patients made requests during weekends, a testament to the program’s high accessibility.

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The Golden Gull award was established by PCCHA in 2001 to recognize exemplary, innovative, and inspirational practices within four areas of college health: Clinical Services, Consumer Services, Counseling Services, and Health Education and Promotion Services. This award encourages the creation of programs to improve college health practices and advance the health of students.

If you have any questions about the Golden Gull Award or any of PCCHA’s awards, please contact Brian Davies, PCCHA Awards Chair, at (208) 459-5066 or