ACHA Membership Categories

ACHA has three levels of Membership Categories.

All levels of ACHA membership categories come with numerous benefits!

Individual Membership

(includes Regular, Associate, Student, and Emeritus)

Regular Individual Membership

You are eligible for regular individual membership if you:

Associate Membership

You are eligible for an associate membership if you are not eligible for regular membership. Benefits are the same as those for regular members except that associate members may not vote or hold office in any ACHA body, including, but not limited to, the Board of Directors, affiliates, sections, or coalitions except that a past president who is an associate member may continue to vote in the Assembly of Representatives. Associate members shall be eligible for membership in the section of their choice and the regional affiliate where they reside, but may not be members of ACHA, affiliate, or section committees.

Student Membership

You are eligible for a student membership if you are:

Student membership is limited to participation in the Students/Consumers section only.

Emeritus Membership

You are eligible for a emeritus membership if you:

Retirement shall mean that an individual member has withdrawn from active working life and is thus no longer employed to a significant degree, as determined by the Board of Directors, in college health or elsewhere.

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership shall be open to any institution of higher education that offers a program of study applicable toward an associate, baccalaureate, or a higher degree, and which is fully accredited by a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or has an application for accreditation pending with a member of this Council. Institutions outside the United States may become institutional members if they meet the criteria above, and are accredited by the appropriate accrediting body in their country.

Sustaining Membership

For-Profit Sustaining Membership

Your organization is eligible for this category if it is a for-profit association, organization, or business interested or involved in the college health field.

Nonprofit Sustaining Membership

Your organization is eligible for this category if it is a nonprofit or charitable giving association or organization interested or involved in the college health field but not directly associated with a profit-making business.

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