CHWP Courses

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Mandatory Core Courses

  • C1. Introduction to College Health/Transition to College Health
  • C2. Key Issues in College Health (multi-disciplinary)
  • C3. Value of College Health
  • C4. Management & Leadership
  • C5. Change Management
  • C6. Building Teams
  • C7. Managing and Mentoring Staff
  • C8. Financial Management
  • C9. Marketing Programs and Services


Participants will complete ____ electives. Course titles and selections subject to change as programming is still in development.

  • E1. Quality Improvement in College Health
  • E2. Building a Collaborative Care Environment
  • E3. Managing Chronic Conditions
  • E4. Transitioning Students Into College
  • E5. Parental Communication Strategies
  • E6. Electronic Health Records
  • E7. Connected Health and Telemedicine
  • E8. Campus Safety and Threat Assessment
  • E9. Public Health and Community Wellness