ACHA Board of Directors 2015-2016

Executive Committee


Jake BaggottPresident (2015-2016)
Jake Baggott, MLS, 1SG (USAR Retired), FACHA
Executive Director
Student Health and Wellness
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jake is the executive director of Student Health and Wellness at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has spent nearly three decades in the college health field and served in many meaningful roles within ACHA. Jake has served as the Region III Representative to the ACHA Board of Directors and was subsequently appointed as a member-at-large. He was then was elected by the ACHA membership as treasurer. During his previous six years on the Board of Directors, he served as a member of the BOD Finance and Audit Committees, as well as board liaison for the Advocacy, Insurance, and Spirituality, Religion and Student Health Coalitions. In the past he has served as a member of the ACHA Insurance Task Force charged with reviewing and updating the association’s Standards on Student Insurance. Jake has broad and diverse interests in college health, and influencing public policy and advocacy are areas of great professional passion for him.


Stephanie HanenbergPresident-elect (2015-2016)
Jamie Davidson, PhD
University of Nevada-Las Vegas




Stephanie HanenbergVice President (2015-2017)
Stephanie Hanenberg, RN, MSN, FNC-P
University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

Stephanie is the executive director of health services at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs where she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees and has been employed for the past ten years. Stephanie served as the Region II Representative to the ACHA Board of Directors from 2013-2015 and has served in numerous roles, including president, on the Rocky Mountain College Health Association Board of Directors between 2007-2012. During her term as the Region II Representative she was the board liaison to the Emerging Public Health Threats and Emergency Response Coalition, Advanced Practice Section, and Membership Task Force. She also served as the chair for the University of Colorado Staff Council Association to the Board of Regents and was president of the Professional Exempt Staff Association for her university. She is also looking for ways to collaborate with other departments and staff within the university system, as she understands the need for a holistic approach to providing students with the best care possible. She loves to advocate for health and counseling services and educate others about the direct link to increased student outcomes and retention when these services are utilized.


Sarah Van OrmanImmediate Past President (2015-2016)
Sarah Van Orman, MD, MMM, FACHA
Executive Director
University Health Services
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sarah is the Executive Director of University Health Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been in college health for the past twelve years. She has served within ACHA as the chair of the clinical medicine section and the co-chair of the Benchmarking Committee. Her interests include healthcare administration, student health funding and insurance, and student health service models. She believes passionately in articulating, promoting, and fostering the unique value that the student health services bring to young adults on campus.


Charley Bradley Treasurer (2014-2016)
Beverly Kloeppel, MD, MBA
Medical Director
Student Health and Counseling
University of New Mexico

 Beverly has been in college health for over 27 years and is the current medical director of Student Health and Counseling at the University of New Mexico. She served as the Region I Representative on the Board of Directors from 2012-2014 and as president of SWCHA from 2009-2010. Beverly believes that college health programs play a very important role in education and retention of students and that ACHA can help college health professionals identify key health issues interfering with the academic success of students and provide best-practice guidelines for addressing those issues.


Doyle RandolExecutive Director
Doyle E. Randol, MS, COL (USA Retired)
American College Health Association

Doyle has led the ACHA national office for more than 15 years following a successful career spanning more than 26 years in the U.S. Army Medical Service Corps. His stewardship continues to guide a cohesive work team with the primary focus of supporting and enabling members and leaders of the association to enhance the health of the nation’s college students.



Jean Chin(2014-2016)
Shari Shapleigh, BSN, FNP, MS
Tompkins Cortland Community College



Lisa Ailstock(2014-2016)
Lisa Ailstock, PA-C
Kalamazoo College




Deb Hubbell(2015-2017)
Jessica Higgs, MD
Bradley University

Jean Chin(2015-2017)
Susan Hochman, MPH
University of Texas at Austin

Student Representatives

Molly Kurth(2015-2016)
Molly Kurth
Chair, Students/Consumers Section
Texas A&M University

Regional Representatives

Michael HueyRegion I (2014-2016)
Michael Huey, MD
Emory University




Stephanie HanenbergRegion II (2015-2017)
Michelle Eslinger-Schneider, MBA
University of North Dakota 



Ted GraceRegion III (2014-2016)
Ted Grace, MD, MPH
Southern Illinois University-Carbondale



Chris RooneyRegion IV (2015-2017)
Sarah Fisher, BC,RN 
University of Richmond 

Shelly SlaonRegion V (2014-2016)
Shelly Sloan, CHES, MS
State University of New York-Oswego



Jamie DavidsonRegion VI (2015-2017)
Belinda Vea, PhD
University of California Office of the President belinda.vea@ucop.edu

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