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ACHF Funds — Endowing the Future

The purpose of ACHF is to provide a foundation for the future of college health. To accomplish this goal, an endowment fund has been established which, through the generosity of both individuals and organizations, will grow and increase in value to provide funding for specific projects and educational activities benefitting the field of college health.

ACHA Individual and Institutional Members are eligible to apply for funding from ACHF! Learn how to apply for funds for your project.

What are the different ACHF funds?

To meet the various needs of the association and to provide donors with an opportunity to support areas of interest to them, the Foundation has established the following separate funds:

Aetna Student Health Fund
This is an unrestricted fund that supports projects and activities benefitting college health.

Ayers/Battle/Thomas Diversity Fund
Earnings from this fund will be used to encourage and promote diversity within ACHA institutions of higher education by addressing ethnic health-related issues.

Clifford B. Reifler Fund
This fund was established through a generous bequest from the estate of the late Dr. Reifler. The earnings from this fund are used exclusively to enhance the Journal of American College Health, an official publication of ACHA. Dr. Reifler's family is notified of the names of persons making contributions to this fund.

Foundation Endowment Fund
This is an unrestricted fund. The earnings from this fund are used to support special projects and activities benefiting the field of college health as determined by the ACHF board in conjunction with the ACHA executive director.

Gallagher Koster Innovative Practices in College Health Fund
This fund supports student health centers in the development of innovative practices that promote broader access to quality health care for students.

Health Promotion in Higher Education Fund
Earnings from this fund will be used to support and perpetuate the evolution of health in higher education by advancing the process of school and community health through capacity building, service, and research within the field.

Josh Kaplan Fund for Clinical Medicine
The purpose of this fund is to support presentations and professional development activities focusing on the practice of clinical medicine that benefit ACHA members and college health.

Murray DeArmond Student Activity Fund
This is a donor restricted fund. The earnings from this fund are used to sponsor educational activities and events for the benefit of ACHA's Students/Consumers Section at ACHA's Annual Meeting. Specific uses could include section speaker honoraria or expenses, social events, or other similar activities. The monies spent will benefit as many students as possible.

Professional Nursing Fund
Earnings from this fund will be used to support, enhance, develop, or create professional development activities focusing on the practice of nursing.

Stephan D. Weiss, PhD Mental Health Fund for Higher Education
This fund supports efforts to promote and improve the quality of mental health care to students. The fund seeks to encourage the development of creative initiatives that will enhance mental service delivery to students. Support from the fund can be directed to health care professionals working in university and college health service programs or to students who plan to work in this field.

UnitedHealthcare StudentResources Fund
Earnings from this fund will be used to support annual meeting programming and professional development activities, benefiting ACHA members.

Commemorative Donations

Contributions can be made in memory of, or in honor of, a loved one or colleague. These donations can be designated for any of the ACHF funds.

How safe and secure are ACHF investments?

ACHF funds are combined together and held in a separate investment portfolio managed by the firm of Morgan Stanley. The account is monitored on a monthly basis to assure the investment mix is providing ample earnings while remaining conservative to protect the fund corpus. Only earnings are used for disbursement purposes.

Final decisions regarding the disbursements of earnings are made by the ACHF Board upon recommendation of the ACHA executive director.

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