ACHA Clinical Benchmarking Survey Program


A significant part of the American College Health Association's mission is to enhance its members' ability to advance the health of all students and the campus community. To meet this mission, ACHA, through its Benchmarking Committee, has developed this clinical benchmarking tool in response to many university and college health centers' desire to have a means to benchmark their clinical quality care standards. The benchmarking measures have been based on input from members, other national and governmental health care organizations, and evidence-based literature.

Goals of the Clinical Benchmarking Survey

  • To understand the quality of care provided by member institutions for college students
  • To find areas of potential education and focus for ACHA initiatives to improve quality of care in college health
  • For ACHA and the survey participants to compare quality provided by member organizations against community and national standards.

ACHA recognizes this as a voluntary pilot survey that will provide a better understanding of the clinical practice on various college campuses. Our hope is that understanding how the clinical quality measures on your campus compare to similar college health care organizations will assist your health center and university officials in decision-making for resources and programs for improvement. It is important to note that ACHA releases the results of individual programs only to the participating organizations. ACHA may utilize aggregate data in assisting ACHA's future national programming priorities and as a means to advocate for its members quality of care with accreditation and governmental agencies.

The Benchmarking Committee will continue to evaluate further measures of clinical quality for future studies.

The study was designed to measure four core areas that are common to many, if not all, college and university health centers.

The survey was split into two parts for ease of filling in the data and timing:

  • Part I included measures for acute care/chronic care/safety, screening, and prevention. View background, instructions, and worksheets for Part I [pdf].
  • Part II included mental health care/women's health care. View background, instructions, and worksheets for Part II [pdf].

Please note that the Clinical Benchmarking Survey is closed, and no more submissions will be accepted. Results will be posted when available.


Report from the ACHA Benchmarking Committee 2014: Clinical Benchmarking and Beyond [pdf]

This is a summary of the Clinical Benchmarking Survey, Part I, and was presented at the ACHA 2014 Annual Meeting.

Additional presentations will be posted as they become available.


Available in the future