CHWP Renewal

Continuing Education

College Health and Wellness Professionals (CHWPs) will be required to renew their certification every three years. Renewing participants will complete the following:

  • a minimum of 40 credit hours* of college health and wellness management related professional development, or
  • a minimum of 30 credit hours* of college health and wellness management professional development plus 10 credit hours* of qualifying leadership, authorship, ACHA consulting, mentoring, and teaching activities contributing to the profession of college health and wellness. 

    Qualifying leadership activities include volunteer service as:
    • a member of the ACHA or ACHF Board of Directors
    • an ACHA affiliate president or president-elect
    • chair or chair-elect of an ACHA section
    • chair of a ACHA national committee, task force, or coalition
    • other significant volunteer leadership activies

*Further details will be forthcoming on the activities that qualify as acceptable professional development, how credits are calculated and awarded, and the required documentation.

Renewal Fee

ACHA individual members at institutional member schools = $90
ACHA individual members = $120
Nonmembers = $210

Guidelines for Required Ongoing Credits

Acceptable professional development activities include:

  1. Conferences, workshops, seminars, or classes (including face-to-face, audio/videoconference, and online delivery) offered by ACHA, its affiliates, or other providers, earn CHWP credit for actual clock time of qualifying education including partial hours, up to a maximum of 8 CHWP credits per day.  (Ex. 1½ hours of qualifying education equals 1.5 CHWP credits.) Note: Online courses must be instructor led, or meet the criteria outlined for self-study credit. General software training courses are NOT acceptable.
    Documentation Required: ???
  2. College or university courses (e.g., face-to-face, independent study/correspondence, online) taken for academic credit at a U.S. accredited academic institution earn:
    Hours Approved:
    15 hours per earned semester credit 
    14 hours per earned trimester credit 
    10 hours per earned quarter credit 

    A 3-credit semester course would earn 45 CHWP hours.
    A 2-credit quarter course would earn 20 CHWP hours.
    Documentation Required: Copy of a transcript and a course description
  3. Preplanned in-depth group study of specific college health and wellness topic(s) with interaction between a minimum of three participants from different organizations earn 1 CHWP credit for each clock hour, up to a maximum of 20 hours per CHWP application.

    Documentation Required: ???
  4. An educational program used for individual, self-paced study may be recognized for CHWP credits if it meets the following criteria:
    • The program must be suitably recent
    • The program must have clearly identified learning objectives linked to the CHWP Exam Content Outline
    • It must include an interactive component such as quizzes, post-tests, or other learning assessment exercises or activities by which participants apply and demonstrate comprehension of the covered content areas.
    • The program must meet recognized standards for effective self-study programs.
    Documentation Required: Proof of completion (i.e. a certificate of completion) must be submitted with the application. Self-study credits may only account for one-half of any applicant’s education hours.
  5. The following are NOT eligible to earn CHWP credit:
    • General software/training courses
    • Expo hall hours
    • Industry-specific programs (not general association management; e.g. physicians' CME courses)
    • Networking receptions
    • Breaks between educational sessions
    • Product-specific promotional courses or training
    • Staff-to-staff education
  6. Designates providing and/or receiving mentoring or coaching specifically focused on the field of association management and representative of the exam content outline for a minimum of 10 clock hours can qualify for up to a maximum of 10 CHWP hours towards renewal under the professional development category. Two hours of mentoring/coaching or two hours being mentored/coached equals one CHWP hour, up to a maximum of 10 CHWP hours. The mentor/coach & mentee/individual being coached cannot be employed by the same organization.

    (Please note that mentoring/coaching is a one-on-one relationship. Facilitating and/or teaching a study group and/or study course does not count under professional development activities, but would be eligible for CHWP credit under Leadership, Instruction, or Writing.)
    • 0-9 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 0 CHWP hours
    • 10 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 5 CHWP hours
    • 12 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 6 CHWP hours
    • 14 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 7 CHWP hours
    • 16 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 8 CHWP hours
    • 18 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached = 9 CHWP hours>
    • 20 hours mentoring/coaching /being mentored/being coached =10 CHWP hours

Leadership, Instruction, Writing, or Consulting

A maximum of 10 hours may be used in the category towards the 40 required hours for renewal. These are:
  • 2 hours of credit will be given per year for service as an officer of an association, or affiliate, or for service as chairman, vice-chairman of a committee, section, taskforce or coalition.
  • 2 hours of credit will be given for each course/workshop that is instructed.
  • 2 hours of credit will be given for each article, chapter, or book written.
  • 2 hours of credit will be given for each consulting engagement conducted with ACHA’s Consulting program.