2015 Award and Writing Prize Recipients

ACHF Student Travel Awards
Rebecca Bergman, University of Rochester
Justin Zeien, Arizona State University
Loraine Wilson, Kansas State University
Taegan Shields, University North Dakota

Aetna Student Health Award
Berry College – “Berry College Student Wellness App Development”
Project Director: Anita Errickson, Director, Health and Wellness Center

FirstRisk Advisors Initiatives in College Mental/Behavioral Health Award
University South Carolina – “Your Mind Matters”
Project Director: Jennifer Myers, Assistant Director, Campus Mental Health Initiatives

Gallagher Koster Innovative Practices in College Health Award
School of the Art Institute of Chicago – “College Health and Counseling Services as Essential Champions for Transgender Students”
Project Director: Joseph Behen, PhD, Executive Director

ACHF Healthy Campus 2020 Award
Finger Lakes Community College – “Healthy Campus 2020: A Community College Collaboration”
Project Director: Karen Stein, Director Student Health Services

Grinnell College – “Fruit Forward!”
Project Director: Jennifer Jacobsen, Wellness Director

Stephan D. Weiss Student Mental Health Award
University of California-Los Angeles – “The Happiness Challenge – Online Wellness Education Program”
Project Director: Leslie Rith-Najarian

Student Health 101 Health Promotion Award
Hampshire College – “Hampshire Quits”
Project Director: Jordan Perry, Director of Wellness Promotion

Weiss Writing Prize
M. Dolores Cimini, PhD, University at Albany – “Implementing an Audience-Specific Small-Group Gatekeeper Training Program to Respond to Suicide Risk Among College Students: A Case Study”